Steampunk Ipod Dock Victrola and men’s fascination with machines powered by Dayton Audio DTA-2 Amp

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Steampunk Ipod Dock Victrola and men’s fascination with machines powered by Dayton Audio DTA-2 Amp

So the trend these days it to build turn-of-the-century industrial-looking designs into cases for electronics equipment, jewelry or whatever. It’s know as the “Steampunk” look. I always like that stuff, very Captain Nemo and the Nautilus looking. I also like to browser flea markets and I’m attracted to random junk. I found this old machine for and though it looked cool. Whose doesn’t like a glimmer brass parts beneath caked on black grease. Two cans of WD40 later and 2 1/2 month of trial and error, I finally got my “contraption” and the kids call it working. Here’s a video of it just for fun. When found this old machine I thought: “I bet I could make something cool out of that.” Well, yes, I could 0 and 2 1/2 month later, the grease encrusted iron became a steampunk ipod dock. It really looks much cooler in real life, the windows behind my camera make the video look like the original “Alien” footage and, of course, the audio doesn’t portray how it really rocks. It’s also pretty small, hard to gauge that here. And I’m wearing a hat. It’s a shame the Tang Band didn’t work it it, but it just fluttered too much. Make a lot of noise to produce an okay amount of bass. I can’t really recommend it. I think the Aurasound extended range speaker puts out just as much usable bass. But the real star is the Dayton DTA-2 amp. Powerful and great. Don’t be put off by it size or some people saying it is “delicate: or worrying about it breaking. I put it through hell. Shoved it
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Rotary Tattoo Machine by Special Technique. Copper Pot Number 6 is a miracle shader. Huge stroke. Slight bog-down. Hurts less, goes faster. Commission me to make yours by visiting
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  1. This is actually quite amazing, sir! You could very well make lots of money off of that, but it’s priceless, and one of a kind! Keep it:)

  2. You posted this on my birthday, so of course I love it. Although you stated a few times to “save your money” I’m sure you now have a priceless artifact. Well done!

  3. Could you please send me the address where I can order these machines please ? I went to the website described here but there is no way to order or place a message in there !
    Thankx !
    JR. ( )

  4. very cool