Steampunk Internet

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Steampunk Internet

What if the Internet had existed a hundred years ago? Step in the WayBack Machine, Sherman, and see all your Internet favs– Dax Flame, Star Wars Kid, the Numa Numa Guy… Even the Swift Boat Vets– Steampunk’D for your enjoyment!
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A very cool infomercial we made for our client Weta Workshops, the amazing multi-Oscar winning movie SFX shop from NZ. for more info go to These Rayguns are cool, and come from the warped mind of the mysterious Dr Grordbort, a shadowy figure from a parallel universe!



  1. Back in my day, when we called the internet a series of tubes WE MEANT IT!

  2. Hey! You’re missing the video!

  3. Bravo! Good show!

  4. love the sound+music

  5. Youtube 1911 stole your idea

  6. Dear tiedyedtehuti,

    I had found your film among a rather absurdly large amount of others, and I do believe this to be one of the most entertaining. I shall wire you a large sum of “internets” , equal to or greater than a value of Nine Thousand, as soon as I return to London. You, my dear sir, deserve it.

     Yours, sincerely,
    In both deed and in spirit,
    Most humbly,
    Sir Ater Novacula, of New London

  7. Excellent. o_O-b

  8. What if internet existed one-hundred years ago … you mean a library?

  9. This is great!
    Especially, the Valiant Knight of the Aether.

  10. I want to learn to play Dragostea Din Tei/Numa Numa on the piano now. This video is full of awesome. XD

  11. The Internet… It’s more like a series of tubes.

  12. OMG this is so LOL … Valiant knight ftw XDXD

  13. Valiant Night of the Aether.

    +5 points for you.

  14. Ghost Ride the Whip… ERRR…. Buggy! Slick… & Numa Numa on PIANO!? I LMAO a lil bit…

  15. star wars kid cracked me up


  17. You know what weapon would be great for a Steampunk style with no Changes? The Wunderwaffa DG-2

  18. did you happen to be the designer of the laser weapons in tf2? 

  19. suddenly i feel like im in fallout…. my god….

  20. Mass distraction?
    Funny stuff :) 

  21. Goliathon should been to Scout or Spy

  22. And now they make models for Team Fortress 2.

  23. this might come in handy. does it come with one of those pith hats as well?

  24. I aint paying 3000 dollars for a thing that does not shoot. If some one modded so it shot I would buy it :D

  25. the iPod game is what its from

  26. I dont really get it…They are rayguns made out of plastic it seems (from what ive watched) and it looks like an awesome idea so i went on the website and i dont understand why they are so much for a large ray-rifle i would say like 300-500 but the they are like 1,000-2,000$ and the SMALL pistols are like 500$ if they were made out of metal and wood maybe but its just soo expensive…

  27. At first I was like: “That’s awesome, just take my money, Weta”, but then I was like: “…not THAT much”

  28. new raygun wow

  29. atlantis the lost empire, look it up

  30. I think this is how life would be if the church hadn’t suppressed everything for 1000 years. Technology would have progressed through the dark ages, but culture advances normally.

  31. How to defeata man armed with a banana

  32. the guy at 1:25 looks like John Cleese

  33. They already did the movie. Wild Wild West with Will Smith, remember?

  34. Class!

  35. id buy that

  36. No animals were actually atomized during the filming of this presentation. But they could have been.

  37. There are some steampunk movies. (not very many) Steamboy is an animated one, it’s kinda boring but it has a lot of cool inventions. Appearently they are also making the book “Larklight” into a movie. (But it probablly won’t have the same steampunk feel the book did.)

  38. Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow?


  39. Oh this little Auto-Gyro, It’s my wave disruptor gun.