Steampunk inspired make up and hair

Posted by on Apr 13, 2013 in Videos | 7 comments

PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING! There are so many interesting and cool tutorials for steampunk make up and hair, I know, but nothing suits li…
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  1. I am so happy I found this tutorial! This is totally how I would describe steampunk.I adore your outfit and I love the music choice! Abney Park is my favorite band so I love all the songs.

  2. i don’t see how this is steampunk, still. You’re very pretty and this looks good on you :)

  3. My makeup already looks like that…..-.- not sure how to react…

  4. good makeup but … for me its to boring^^

  5. @TheInventor06 I can only agree with that!

  6. you are very beautiful ++++

  7. cool!!! You did the opening in After Effects right? haha, nice to see someone else who likes fooling around with after effects, my friends think it’s useless… buuut… i don’t care… i like after effects… so many possibilities!!