Steampunk Hybrid Project & Tutorial

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Steampunk Hybrid Project & Tutorial

A quick tutorial on the Bonus Project from the hybrid Project ustream class.
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  1. Such a great tutorial, I’ve always wondered how to make pockets like this!! Thanks SO much for sharing your craft, you do beautiful work!!!

  2. Kathy!!! I have been looking for a video on how to make pages and pockets without useing chip board. This is so fun. Now I will have to stop hoarding my Steampunk Debutante paper.  I need to watch all your videos and I have subscribed to your channel. Thanks Kathy.

  3. Love this project, paper also!

  4. Way cool!!

  5. hello kathy.
    i just made this with your instructions,but i made a mini-book from it.
    i made 3 double pocket pages,and left each time 1/8 of a inch between the pages.
    that i remembered from the other mini from you,
    there you told to do that for space for paper,picters and embellichments.

  6. tomorrow i am gonna make the cards for the pockets,and mat them,
    and put pictures on,
    and decorate all the rest.
    i like to decorate a few pages.
    i am new here,i am from belgium,and just started a few months with scrapbooking.
    i have already learned so much of you.
    i started with the 12 by 12 pages,but i like it more doing mini-books.
    this is the third one i learn en doing from yours.
    t am very thankful of you.
    greetings cat

  7. I ALWAYS make mistakes like this, especially when it comes to things that fold out and stuff! I’m glad I’m not the only one! :P

  8. I LOVE THIS! How can I get the directions for the shadow box album? You’re tops in your field!

  9. Wow Kathy this is so cool. Cant wait to give it a try. Really love your big album too. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. – Lynn

  10. you are so creative, and inspire me to do a lot more Scrapbooking. Love all your vids!!! :) thank you for taking the time to make allthe tutorials.-3

  11. Are you all out of kits—I’d love to buy one? I havent been on a youtube for over a week so i think I may have missed out. In either event, I think your work is amazing and i love that you are gracious with yourself when you make a mistake and are able to fix it with a smile.

  12. AMAZING! Truly love what you do with your paper!

  13. loved the way you used this paper…the way you used it but did not cover it…thanks Kathy

  14. you are amaizing love your creativity send me some plssssss.