Steampunk House/Lab – Tekkit Building Tutorial

Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 in Videos | 13 comments

Something different today – A Tekkit Steampunk House/Lab tutorial. Apologies for the delay, it was the All Ireland Final last night, so I needed my internet at its top speed :P Forums: Twitter: Textue Pack: Sphax BDCraft Music: ‘The Snow Queen’ by Kevin MacLeod
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  1. What’s up with the wind lol

  2. wtf some guy feeding mash potatoes to his pecs

  3. very very nice, your fantasy is to be admired

  4. this vid made me sub

  5. Why did you stop posting?

  6. i like the steampunk part of the tutorial. and i think i like tekkit a bit more. (sssssshhhhhh……. don’t say i didn’t like tekkit first.)

  7. Oh, man I’ve lost u with ur last segment tutorial… so good 2 c u again, thnx 4 ur tutorials :3

  8. Build a post apocalyptic future city

  9. Thank you for this great design i have always loved steam punk and i love tekkit. this build inspired me to build an entire town out of this design

  10. dude, fantastic work. thanks for taking the time to film this masterpiece.

  11. I wish they hadn’t changed the way one replies, I hate it when im on moblie and cant actualy respond.

  12. maybe hes on mobile.

  13. where did you get the railcraft textures, i can’t find them