” Steampunk Hot Air Engines ” Introduction

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Introduction After a career of 32 years in the computer technology of Hollerith machines, including the mainframe computer, I had the opportunity to retire. But what to do next? My next door neighbour had been an ardent model builder for 25 years already and was highly experienced. Try to build a hot air engine which runs on a tea-warmer he advised me. Since he had just built a Stirling engine that fulfilled these conditions and ran particularly well, this was a challenge for me. Under the supervision of my mentor and the colleagues of the hobbyclub. I succeeded in building my first trial engine to run on a tea-warmer. It is a model built in accordance with the principles of the first Hot Air Engine by Robert Stirling in 1816, for which invention he obtained patent. It is a brass model described in the publication Heissluft Motoren by Udo Mannek. It gave me a sense of satisfaction and pride to experience this engine running, though initially it was technically not at all perfect. Encouraged by the positive responses of the members of the hobby club and the reactions of the public at the model exhibition in 2002 in the Netherlands as well as other shows, I soon launched a new project. After that the production of hot air engines went very quickly. The engines numbered 1 to 23 and the Stirling LTD (Low Temperature Difference) engines have been built within a period of about 7 years. I have tried to modernise the designs by making more bolts and screws invisible. The designs
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  1. I could imagine a few of these being mounted on top of a wooden radio console and powering it through a dynamo. Just light the lamps and tune in!

  2. Mechanical engineering at its greatest.

  3. 1:30 is the best. i don’t care what anyone says X)

  4. 2:10 is awesome!!!! *starts searching for parts with witch to attempt to replicate it*

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful creations. This is truly art.

  7. heel mooi vakwerk :)
    die klok aangedreven door de stirlingmotor vind ik prachtig

  8. They are more like works of art. Nicely done!

  9. Imagine a large one, or dozens of smaller ones powering a towns in iceland off the hot gases. Or if you have a real fire in your home, fit one up the chimney to power your house. Superb devices.

  10. complimenti sono tutti belli

  11. whats the name of this song

  12. oh my christ has NO ONE heard of spinning a motor the wrong way?! someone connect one and do it, you might be getting candle power electricity, yet NONE of these machines are powering anything but the wheels and pistons!

    power some external device!!

  13. hmmm wonder how much heat it would take to run a small viechle :D

  14. beautiful extremely elegant as well, i loved the one at 0:26

  15. amazing! your stirling engines are an inspiration to someone who has just started building.

  16. it’s easy to say “lets put this on a boat” but to put it on something as limited as a car is hard

  17. emagine this engine standing on sumthing very responsive to solar heat…or a place of volcanic activety
    sos for typos :)

  18. They are exquisite! They look so diligent and contented… maybe even happy, just doing what they do!

  19. always the best !!!