Steampunk Headset Hook – Part 3

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 13 comments

A joule thief powered functional art. More info? 6 photos at Flickr with detailed build notes.



  1. Man I need one of these.

  2. Sorry but I didn’t document the build. It is made of brass clock parts and plumbing parts. I did leave some build notes on my Flickr account.Thanks for the comment.

  3. i like this tu shld post it in istructabes or some page to share haw to build one

  4. Sorry, I forget. I’m pretty sure I got from the stock songs provided by You Tube. Getting old, memory fades… : )

  5. Please, could you tell me what the background song’s called? What interpreter? I _must_ have it ;-)

  6. Thanks! The top and bottom of the battery holder were pirated from the 1900 brass door knob plate. : )

  7. that is so awsome. love the battery holder. awsome

  8. Sorry, I only have build notes on my Flickr account. See link under (more info). Thanks! : )

  9. Yes, it is made mostly of solid brass or copper parts. Thanks! : )

  10. GMS? Is it possible to get the design specs to build this please? I’d like to take a shot and build one of my own design too, if thats possible?

  11. my god im so obsessed with old brass metal brass material like that, what are those metals anyways, is that what they are?

  12. Thank you! : )

  13. Awesome!