Steampunk gun tutorial

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 25 comments

Quick way to make a Steampunk gun for cheap. It takes me about 2-3 hours from start to finish. I’m sure that you can do it quicker if you keep it in a sunny area for it to dry. —————————————- deviantart- tumblr-

quick runthrough on How I created my steampunk goggles for my Steampunk waldo costume



  1. What is the last colour you mentioned?

  2. cool :) I may have to try this and make my own :)

  3. Very good vid That first brush you used to paint the base coat ( a filbert brush) is excellent for dry brushing as well. The rust for example, you can make very subtle effects with it.Thanks for posting this.

  4. pretty much

  5. This looks very cool. Thanks for making the tutorial. ^_^ I’ll definitely be using this for my steampunk pirate outfit. :)

  6. Since I am creating an outfit with Steampunk-inspired elements in it, I am so going to try this out with my water pistol now. I hope it works :)

  7. lol onerepublic fan eh?

  8. Is there anything you didn’t buy at walmart?

  9. Kid, you gotta primer that first.

  10. I just started getting into Steampunk. This is pretty cool to me ;)

  11. i have black spray paint and gold spray paint and an air soft pistol…………

  12. good video pretty skillful but damn have you ever heard of a tripod? it helps alot with camera work lol

  13. Where can you buy these kinds of colors?

  14. Does the water based paint work on plastic?

  15. Great video!!!! lots of stuff here……hard to watch though. Try writing a script next time and try not ramble so much……otherwise great job!!

  16. “ummm.Ummm……Ummmm……..’ Yeah….so-ummm-irritating to listen to.

  17. very cool!

  18. I am jelly D;

  19. I am jelly D;

  20. amazing

  21. i’m sure a hareware store or craft store would likely have material you could use as lenses. that or if you can pop a lense our a flashlight or other pair of glasses that might do

  22. agreed. but where do I find the lenses again?

  23. not yet ;) 


  25. awesome! u should make more steampunk stuff