Steampunk Gun “The Dreameater” a modified Nerf Maverick

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Steampunk Gun “The Dreameater” a modified Nerf Maverick

SOLD!! there is another model in the works :) Long ago i was inspired by the idea of a Steampunk gun, and started doodling ideas. I started out with a nice base for a new idea, The nerf gun Maverick. Then i added pipes, gears, gauges, brass, copper, filigree even insets for the guns trigger so it looked nice and steampunk. It had a lot of possibilities with its’ bigger than life almost anime style. So i added the idea of pressurized steam cartridges (which CO2 worked beautifully for) with air restrictors removal modification, full barrel extension mod and a slight tweek to the the normal barrels, i began on the cosmetic changes. etched filigree brass and copper paint and other accents such as the gauges and the gears it started looking great. i also aged it over all to add to the realism. all in all i think it turned out very steampunk in appearance and still keeping a functional look. Ranges: Stock darts: 26′-39′ Average 35′ Stephan’s: 27′-42′ Average 40′ The music in the background was actually composed by me. :) This beautiful steampunk gun would make a perfect accessory to any steampunk’s goggles and Victorian style clothing. It will be going up for sale in the future but if you are interested in owning this beauty make me an offer in the mean time, who knows you might be the proud owner of the Dreameater. Please don’t forget to rate and comments are always welcome. Also take a few moments and visit me over at
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  1. Question, Where did you get those cylinders on the sides? Were do you get al those old gauges? And How did you become so good at engraving? Lastly, What too did you use to engrave the…swirly patterns?

  2. this is awesome but i think you should have left the trigger guard and put like a switch on it or something

  3. could you look at my steam and wesson?

  4. Whoaaaaaaa…….

  5. I have just 1 question: how did you accomplish the filligree? it’s beaitful, and I’m currently trying to steampunk a different gun.

  6. shoulda had vernian process for the music :P

  7. How did you remove the trigger guard without leaving a big hole in the shell?

  8. nerf meets classy, very nice work

  9. how do you get the barrels like that?

  10. I have started to puke rainbows

  11. How did you get the spaces between the barrels?

  12. now thats a nerf gun!!!!!!

  13. omg this gun is awesome i so want 1 just like this … how much do you sell them for?

  14. Modify a real gun and I’ll have babies with you. 

  15. I saw the thumb nail of this vid and thought some dum kid just painted his Nerf gun a tarnished copper color and called it steampunk, but you sir have greatly surprised me. good job and keep up the great work.

  16. You should provide a video allowing us to see it in action

  17. DUDE DO that for my maverick!

  18. that is amazing :)

  19. brilliant.
    but does it blend?

  20. Nice job!