Steampunk Guitar

Posted by on Jun 24, 2012 in Videos | 6 comments

Steampunk Guitar

This videos showcases one of my latest Steampunk art projects. With some assistance from Sean Sparbanie, I show you how I took a pawn shop first act guitar and turned it into something cool.



  1. That dark dim light gives an amazing feel that there’s a raging fire inside that guitar!

  2. REally cool, the knobs just dont match for me. Need something more industrial looking, or some ornate Victorian chest drawer pull. The light is very cool!
    Kids in the Hall theme song!!!

  3. Thanks I’m just takeing a break from the Aqua stuff but Ill be back into it soon.

  4. No way man. Well, not till I make another one anyway. :) 

  5. I watch your channel more for the fishtank videos but you’ve introduced me to Steampunk – seems like a pretty cool hobby to have in addition to fish!

  6. Not bad. Love that custom guitar!! put it on ebay!!