SteamPunk Goggles Threadbanger Crossover : BFX

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 22 comments

Evenin’ Gov’na! How lucky you are to have that datascope (aka computer); for now you can build yourself some SteamPunk Goggles for your next bioscope (aka movie)! Check out this Friday’s episode of ThreadBanger to get the designs for your SteamPunk Costumes: Special thanks to Abney Park for providing us with some Tesla-powered tunes The lexicon of this description was provided by The Gatehouse
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  1. airship pirates :)

  2. Pouse at 0:50 !

  3. vista is stupid gor for a mac it you are a real man

  4. Because we all totally have random old clock parts provided by the Threadbangers. :p

  5. only eric would have those things.

  6. LOL

  7. What song did they use at the end?

  8. Very entertaining , great ideas thanks for helping with ideas for a costume

  9. Cool

  10. I feel like the weel is fake

  11. awesome!

  12. Pauze at 1:00!

  13. you can use for steampunks props are a cool junk art…after building your junk art steampunk…paint it in a steampunk way..and wala.. you have a stempunk prop.. :)

    im making a steampunk droid by this junks
    old container
    alchohol bottle
    choco baby bottle
    wires from my broked glue gun
    scrap chess piece
    and other stuffs :)

  14. 1:47 Cause vista sucks

  15. Make a pimp cane

  16. it looked like the blimp was a ham

  17. All of those things are free FOR YOU. Give us a version that us boring people can do!

  18. ha this really indymogul not that bull shit that they have now

  19. i was not pointing out the thame of steampunk i know about that it was more teh directing and screenplay i was ref’ing to.

  20. thats the purpose of steampunk. futuristic stuff with a retro look.

  21. why does this look like it was made by SyFi

  22. aha an ad for vista nats answer to ME os X,D