Steampunk Goggles part 2 brassy copper

Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Videos | 9 comments

part 2 of the “great steam punk mod”. in this part I am painting the lenses and caps a brassy copper color. PART 1
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I made this Vid by request to show how to paint a plastic gun to look STEAMPUNK.
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  1. Bro… bro… please tell me you did more than just paint them

  2. I dont know if you’ve ever used them before but I was planning on making a pair of goggles and do not know where to acquire mounted lenses if you could help me get back to me as soon as you can.

  3. Well,yours certainly do look good enough to sell,good sir.

  4. Costume props, for COS PLAY (costume play). The props you can purchase are EXTREMELY expensive. This is just an in-expensive alternative.

  5. Granted I dont know what you intend to do with your finished products but its been my experience that people will pay more for functioning pistols. Cheers!

  6. guys for people that are currently in high school,they have probably seen wild wild west.that movie is like super steampunk i realized this about a month ago when i really dove into steampunk

  7. BB gun are considered REAL guns by some law enforcement. You might want to think twice before you make them into costume props. I recommend squirt guns because they are easy to get and they look cool. (think thrift store toys!)

  8. i wanna start doing this and i got some broken bb guns, will they work just as well as nerf guns?

  9. Cool, are you going to post the results?!? I’m hopping your extra NERF is a ReconStrike Commando, longshot or longstrike! I think they are the best candidates for STEAMPUNK conversion.