Steampunk Gears – Bundle Monster Stamping Tutorial – BM03 BM12

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Here’s the first long awaited stamping tutorial! It’s pretty simple. Hope you give it a try! Materials Used: OPI – Natural Nail Base Coat American Apparel – Hassid China Glaze – Passion Bundle Monster Image Plate 03 [from the first bundle] – from or Bundle Monster Image Plate 12 [from the first bundle] Konad – Stamper & Scraper – from Sally Hansen – Insta Dry Anti Chip Top Coat yay Stamping!! ***IF YOU’RE NEW TO STAMPING (KONAD AND/OR BUNDLE MONSTER*** Check out these videos for some helpful tips and tricks and info: KONAD ANSWERS – to all your frequently asked questions: KONAD TESTS – testing out non special polishes for stamping HOW TO CLEAN YOUR STAMPER, SCRAPER, AND IMAGE PLATES: ORIGINAL BUNDLE MONSTER REVIEW VIDEO: BUNDLE MONSTER VS KONAD: (COMPARISON REVIEW ON MY BLOG:) BUNDLE MONSTER IMAGE PLATE SET REVIEW: Connect with me:
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  1. LUV IT!!!

  2. Thanks for replying…not many ppl do :) …Thanks for the tip regarding American Apparel polish :)

  3. oh. Yes, I have the second bundle. and Yes, again. Bundle Monster has released a third set of Stamping plates: BM301-325 :D

  4. Thanks Mary :D

  5. Bundle Monster plates are pretty comparable to Konad. If you’re having issues stamping with non-special polishes with Konad, you’ll have the same problem with Bundle Monster. Check out my “Konad Tests” video for some tips on using non-special polishes to stamp with.
    Also – I highly recommend American Apparel polishes for stamping. they’re very pigmented.
    good luck!

  6. lol.. you’re welcome. I guess you could consider them flowers too.. but in my eyes, they were clearly gears. :D

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!! My hands aren’t steady enough to get it right though, so I won’t even attempt lol. I can’t even imagine what my right hand would look like hahaha!!!

  8. i was asking myself, GEARS? i have those plates and there are no gears! heehee. there are gears! thanks, this will be very fun.

  9. Nice video, great idea!

  10. I’ve Konad plates, but didn’t get the konad special polish…So am having problems stamping with just any kind of nail polish…This monster plates look like you can use any polish with them…Thanks for your video

  11. I really like this color and design!
    Rated for ya,
    Mar ;-) 

  12. No I mean the new bundle monster set like the number 200-225??? You have done lots of tutorials with them??? Is there an even NEWER one?

  13. Oh, I’ve already filmed a few more. just be patient. they’ll be interspersed between the free hand tutorials.. but more Are coming ;)

  14. thanks :)

  15. yeah, Hassid is my favourite non Konad black polish to stamp with.

  16. I don’t have the new one yet. but it seems like I may have to cave and get it.

  17. Too cute

  18. I Like It Very Cool Design.

  19. yeah I hope she uses the new bundle monster set!

  20. Thumbs up so she can do more bundle monster tutorials!!

  21. I’ve missed your videos! I love this design!

  22. I love this design…..very cool !!

  23. I love that! whoo!