steampunk gages.wmv

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steampunk gages.wmv

Hoe to inexpensively make gages for costumes and sets.

Brass Farthing performs their steampunk-inspired brand of barbershop quartet music at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011.
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  1. Understood. Most of my projects are meant to be viewed close up. So any added realism helps. Its a lot more satisfying when you can add your own embelishments rather than just copying something you see online.

    Know you’re super busy right now, but hope to see more vids and more ideas in the future.

  2. Absolutely, Normally I am just throwing out concepts and i am counting on my audience to add details just like you mentioned. I am always on a time crunch and I never take the time I am supposed to on projects. Hopefully once you have the core concept everyone can embellish to their own standard and tastes.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks again for your How-to. Made my first gauge this week and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Adding real screws and bits of metal hardware helps add to the realism..

  4. You have now convinced me to buy Photoshop, instead of reducing images on my copier and white-outing what I don’t want. Hey, old habits die hard. And damn: I just threw out a lot of those crappy party ball-puzzle thingies…I got a bag of 12 for a quarter in an uber-post Valentine’s day clearance sale a few years ago. I never thought of using them for gauges. Amazing. Thanks, Big Daddy A.

  5. Coffee can lids too….Well, I just want you to know that when I end up on an episode of Hoarders (The Halloween Version), I’m going to have to credit you. I’m afraid to throw anything away because I’m sure it will be featured in one of your upcoming videos :-) Love your work!

  6. No real haze right now, only where the glue touches.

  7. I am glad it will work for you.

  8. Do you get any haze on the clear plastic from the fumes of the glue you use. I know they make a glue for model car windows that won’t haze over. Great info, I like the idea of using the vacuum form plastic for the lens of the night light.

  9. So timely. I was just researching gauges two days ago. This will save a lot of time. Thanks for sharing.

  10. como un chupacabra autostop cerca de un taller de taxedermists!

  11. Thanks. I am more blessed to find work I am passionate about as opposed to being amazing. I think when you are consumed and passionate about something you are doing it is hard to not be amazing at it.

  12. most likely.

  13. I love the hand hammered spraypaint- I use it a lot. I went with the straight copper just because it was on hand this time.

  14. allen you are amazing… :)

  15. The glue is probably lead based!

  16. Love the Steampunk gauges. Have you checked out Rust-oleum ‘s Hammered finish spray paint , I’ve used it on my one ray gun and some of the helmets that I make. Very cool paint it comes in several metal colors. I think you’l like it. looks like I’m off to the Dollar store this weekend.

  17. Great ideas!

  18. Repurposing is an art and you defiantly have that skill set. Thanks as always for sharing!

  19. I am glad you like it, I suppose I just have needs and fill them. I am an outside of the box thinker and it is fun to apply that to my passion of haunted houses.

  20. Everyone’s scavenging skills need work, or at least practice. I try to look at everything’s form as opposed to its use- that helps when you are in need of something specific.

  21.  quite welcome.

  22. luckily the copper hid leather dye from yesterday, it is not easy being one of my phalanges.

  23. Thank you, i am pretty happy with how they turned out myself.

  24. Usted es bienvenido, me alegro de que usted haya gustado el tutorial.

  25. Sorry, that wasn’t supposed to be in response to your comment. I was just pointing out that the ‘transcribe audio’ lyrics are hilariously bad.

  26. It doesn’t work…

  27. Watch with transcribe audio on.

  28. Also, i need the lyrics!

  29. What is the title of this masterpiece?

  30. So did the husband say at around 0:55 did the husband ask his wife to cheat?

  31. I like how they sound!

  32. Mildly steampunk…fun song… and I love that it took place in my home area ~~~ the Bay Area.

  33. People saying this is not steampunk: there are different kinds of steampunk, different styles, “light” vs “heavy” etc. (There is such a thing as not steampunk, but this is not it. That’s when people just throw on a bunch of clothes from their closet, stick a cog on it and call it steampunk.) Don’t be elitist :) The steampunk society should be open to all the forms the style can take.
    Plus, these guys sound good, and it’s a fun song.


  35. The goggles made me think was going to be steampunk. There should have been a space ship in the background. They should be forced to do a Barber Shop Quartet steampunk song. Change Down by the Old Mill Stream to Up into Space With Steam.

  36. Not steampunk.

  37. What a disappointment. I an a big Syfi fan and I love steampunk. This isn’t even a barbershop quartet but a music hall song.

  38. It’s “barbershop” in the sense of close harmony, independent “dominant 7th” chords and (hopefully, but not in this case) “harmonic 7th chords” tuned up perfectly. But quartets are only an imitation of mixed male/female groups; and for men’s voices only, with their nearly double range, 5, 6, and more voices are much more common.

  39. they kinda look like something from fabel 2…..

  40. I agree, this is just old guys wearing old clothes and some goggles. No aspect of this is steam punk. I’d rather see them in traditional barbershop attire, than failing to fake the funk.

  41. yeah, steam punk

  42. I’d let ya tickle my fancy with your rum-she-ra-ra-day!

  43. u guys are frekin nerd babies

  44. lol the far right is wear thigh high leather boots! ;)