Steampunk Flash Drive

Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 in Videos | 9 comments

Steampunk Flash Drive



  1. That by far is the coolest looking flash drive every.

  2. I made it out of the piece of ebony wood.

  3. What is the case for the thing/ where did you get it?

  4. hmmmm…. there must be a way….

  5. resistor heats up and drops ampherage, significantly lowering output power.

  6. have you trying throwing a resistor in parallel to the drive motor? it’ll increase the ohm load enough to drop that voltage down

  7. USB gives out 5.2V DC, I used MC317 stabilizer to drop it down to 1.2V. It’s still high, but when I tried to use diode to dissipate an additional 0.6-0.7V, the whoile scheme started to heat up quite rapidly. Hence 1.2V it is.

  8. How high is the voltage going to the drive motor? maybe you could bring that down a bit to slow it to more of a aesthetically visible speed lol

  9. it turned out really nice! great job! I think it is still a bit too noisy but I imagine that would be hard to change.