Steampunk fashion rocks!

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Steampunk fashion rocks!

brought to us all by Art Institute student, Etain – this collection is a theatrical fashion story that totally rocks my world. Brought to life by photographer Alexis Achten – I can’t wait to be able to show you the final pics!!
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This is my Nerf Maverick gun modification ‘The Blunder Bettie’ done to look like a Brass steampunk gun with all joins sanded down and added metal and Brass parts. l’ve basically made it for a steampunk model shoot later this year. Please visit for more info and pictures under its renamed title The Blunder Bettie. Also l’ve more photography and art at
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Lovely.

  2. is that in portland oregon?

  3. JEEP!

  4. I cut a curved cylinder and stretched the fabric as I sewed them.

  5. I happily do commission and custom work. :)

  6. The goggles were made by me. Along with all the garments and accessories shown. It was taken at the Armory, across from the Art Institute of Portland.

  7. Where did you find those amazing riding goggles?

  8. which art institute was this taken at?

  9. i want one of those hats! :D

  10.  en thank you ;-)

  11. it will have, lve other builds in different areas of steampunk at the moment and will be featured in international Sci-fi Modellers Magazine this spring

  12. lt was when l got a Gorgeous model to pose with it for a shoot ;-)

  13. Nerf it up then, cheers

  14. hi l didnt unscrew mine tho l wish l had towards the end and l carved out the trigger area awkwardly, l sanded all the logos of and made sure the joins were sealed semlessly.

  15. @JoeStack96 its a punk who likes regular Saunas ;-)

  16. Glad you liked it ;-)

  17. Going to do a new vid of my other steampunk scratchbuilds soon ;-) joe asked why l didnt put more cog wheels and clockwork-parts, well its because l feel its been done to death and can look to contrived within a mod gun like the Nurf, anyway my next vid will show a total orginal scratch build of a Clockwork Angel ;-)

  18. No one has done this but why not make a steampunk crossbow?

  19. damn thats sexy.

  20. That is the worst looking nerf gun I have ever sceen

  21. Sick painting

  22. Adannas DNA

  23. you could have added some cog wheels and clockwork-parts as well as wires and tubes and at least a barometer in order to create something really steampunky. but the paint job is awesome!

  24. One would be more likely to ask, “Where did you get that?” rather than, “How did you do that?” Awesome work.

  25. do you have to disemble the nerfs to paint em? cos i don’t wanna scrw up putting suff back in