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(found in flowers and in dark playlist) here is a fun and beautiful steampunk couture tutorial using 3d watch and clock gears and cogs! this is a request by TheOnlyWarumono :D very fun to do and such a great look. i wanted 2 topcoats on this, but she said NO. it was so fun to do and you can find small watch parts on ebay in tiny little bags that are pretty inexpensive :D xoxo (most asked questions LINK) (most asked questions in video LINK) AND GIRLS WHO ARE NEW TO ME!!!—-BECOME MY FAN HERE (it takes only is so important to me)
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This is the second vid I have posted here of my award winning ROCKET brand ray gun. I think this is the better of the two. If you would like to purchase this or any other of my art, please email me at MORE of my art can be found at



  1. All your paints are acrylic even the glitter ones ?Beautiful art you have :)

  2. Pleae please pleeeaaase, can you tell me where you got the little cogs and gears?? I must have them!!! Pretty please?? 0:)..
    I absolutely love this design! <3

  3. Great design Robin!

  4. omw loving these!!!!!!!! love the voice over- your a very talented lady tfs x

  5. LOVE THEM and i hate the fact that it did not show up on my subscription box :( but i love them:)

  6. oww  i love this!

  7. You all sooooo funny and the design is beautiful !!!

  8. Wat up britches! Luv d’look
    Ur with my, the doctor..just need Juict n the 4some would be complete…you are the best Miz Robin!

  9. hi! i name all my clients and her name is “the doctor” :) just a weird coincidence…but i love weird coincidences :D

  10. Is “The Doctor” a Doctor Who reference, or is that just a weird coincidence?

  11. I love when you do these!!!

  12. LOve it Love it Love it!!!!!!!

  13. Love!!!!! And so perfect for my short nails!

  14. Very Pretty.

  15. yaay, I’m so happy to be a part of one of your videos =)<3

  16. LMAO You gals are something else  XD… Now go let my Fishy Girl in! she’s only cranky cause you won’t let her join in the fun ;P……Oh love the nail design That is “AWESOME”

  17. Hey Robin, I love your design! I have a question about your top coat, in the FAQ blog you say you use pro finish UV GOLD topcoat, is this a top coat that needs to be cured under a uv lamp? can i use uv gel top coat over my design or does the nail polish and acrylic pain under it will make it pop off in a few days?

  18. OMG this is so beautiful! love you! xx

  19. That’s not a ray gun. It’s an orange juicer cum atom smasher.

    Love the workshop BTW!

  20. great work!
    Regards from “FritzWerke”

  21. GREAT SCOTT!!!

  22. haha i that’s sooo funny !!!!! :D

  23. Actually it is parts from an old vacuum cleaner, coffee percolator, Ford Galaxy tail light lens, bicycle handlebar bracket, dentist chair headrest bracket, heater, old pole lamp, paper feed depth sounder (12V motor with two driveshafts), and lots and lots of misc. THANKS for the great comments!

  24. THANKS DOC! I have been tryuing to figure outhow to sell it, but can not ship as is somewhat fragile (believe it or not!).

  25. Dude that is awsome to the extreme