Steampunk Collectibles

Posted by on Jul 1, 2012 in Videos | 3 comments

Terry Kovels talks to “Dr. Grim” at the Antique City Fun Fair in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania about Steampunk Collectibles. A Steampunk inspired clock featuring the Clock OS LED clock board, Using real brass and copper as well as Real Walnut and mahogany and Real Italian Marble. What is ClockOS? Essentially, it’s a clock. Ultimately, it’s a ‘whole lot more’ ! A beautiful modern design that will look stunning in any environment (at home and at work). This art inspired timepiece is ready to enjoy from the moment it is unpacked. The ClockOS comes pre-programmed with many “visually stimulating” clock styles. Three push-buttons on the back of the clock allow you to set the time and select LED colors that fit your taste and your decor. Select a location (where all your friends will see it) , set the time, and you’re ready to enjoy the beauty of this ultra modern time piece. We are offering the ClockOS without a case for our wood working, metalworking and art people. There are a lot of talented people out there that we know can come up with some beautiful enclosures for the ClockOS. For everyone else that has no desire to build their own case we offer the ClockOS in a finised wooden case or a machined aluminum case with or without a machined aluminum desktop base. We’ve also included an option to have the aluminum frame bead blasted just like your Mac. The bead blasted finish of the clock along with the black face plate will match your Macbook or iMac perfectly.



  1. The clocks are amazing. The bicycle, however, doesn’t seem to me to be improved upon, rather destroyed. The very fact of a a 1920s bike being in existence and in good original shape was unusual, and adding gun barrels and more was just destructive.
    The theme of the art is post-apocalyptic. It is that which was supposedly made from what remained after the world as we know it ends.. Maybe take that into consideration. So much is actually destroyed already. Use that.


  3. exquisite