Steampunk Clothes for Women

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Steampunk is nothing new, and it is clearly based on both Victroian and Edwardian styles. The difference however is that the style is based primarily on an industrial setting that did not actually occur during those times. Think of an alternate reality that is heavily based on our own concepts of what the Victorian era should have been. Industrial technology would have not only been more advanced, the technology tree would have expanded in a very different direction.

In this style the typical fashion standards are essentially forgotten, as are some of the preconceived notions as to what a woman should and should not wear. For instance it would be acceptable for a woman to wear a corset with a pair of pantaloons if she so desired which is certainly different from what we perceived to be Victorian society.

On the subject of corsets, it is well known that the Victorian era did not pioneer them, but they are still a great reminder of the time period.

You should note that having a custom corset made will be highly expensive, but if you are into the fashion it will be well worth it. There are a few different standard materials from velvet to cotton, and for those who cannot afford a standard corset, waist cinchers are still widely available.

One of the biggest differences in steampunk clothing for women is that the corset is not worn under the clothes, but rather over top of a blouse or shift. A jacket or shrug could be worn over the corset, all depending on the preferences of the wearer while corsets certainly make their mark in the Steampunk style, they are not the only piece of clothing that can be worn!

Bustle skirts are yet another popular steampunk island, and they can either be a straight pencil style or perhaps a full circle. In modern times the bustle skirt will be more of a miniskirt with a back piece attached. This back piece will most typically be a bow, large or small.

As we said before, the gender specific clothing can be rather easily mixed or matched, for instance a woman might wear a long trench coat that is typically mean for men. This one of a very few genres where women can look extremely feminine in male attire, and this is perhaps what makes it the most attractive. The ability to look feminine and strong at the same time can be very useful, and as a result the genre grows every single day. It stretches from video games, to movies, and of course real life. This type of world may never come to pass, but that doesn’t mean you cannot visit it whenever you want. intends to surprise and delight with delectible turn-of-the-century confections and retro-futuristic accoutrements of all Steampunk Clothing for women .