Steampunk Clock/Calendar Widget

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Steampunk Clock/Calendar Widget

A demonstration of a Steam Punk Widget for your desktop, you can get it from Rocketdock or at Yahoo widgets – just search on yahoo widgets for yereverluvinunclebert and you should find it. The clock is a fully working ticking steampunk clock/calendar which can be moved around your desktop looking very steampunk indeed. The sort of thing you’d find on Dr. Who’s desktop… It tells the date/time in digital and analogue format with a swinging pendulum. It chimes and ticks too and has a full range of sounds. The clock has an alarm function and the ability to set the current time forwards or backwards using a “time machine” style interface. A drop down help canvas and status display complete the picture. This steampunk clock looks jolly nice on a steampunk desktop with Rocketdock using my steampunk icons. The Instructions for the Steampunk Clock/Calendar Widget are here: You can download it here: If you want more of these just say! If you decide to download it I do hope you have as much fun with this widget as I do – please leave feedback and click on a few likes! You can also get it here along with my other widgets: The widget engine itself will continue to be available here: and the Mac version here:
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  1. and I love you for loving it, and even more for commenting, thanks.

  2. Love it!

  3. You used to be able to download this widget from Yahoo widgets gallery but that gallery is closed now. To get the widget just type Steampunk Clock/Calendar Widget into google, look down the list, my site is number two/three. Download at your leisure.

  4. The video is just for demonstration purposes,there is a new version coming and it will do a lot more. I will also add an audio track explaining all the functions and will post it here when complete.

  5. I’ll add an audio description soon.