SteamPunk Charging Dock for iPhone 4

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19th Century Steampunk design made as a charging dock for iPhone 4. 3D printed in Plastic, Stainless Steal, & Antique Bronze
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here is a valentines design to show how to trim and add accents to a heart. the first basic ‘heart and glitter’ tutorial shows how you to make a basic heart. here you can begin to combine the two designs!! (i will be uploading all valentines day nails out of order, but there are so many i dont want to get lost & miss some. keep with me!! i will get them up soon! :) love and thanks. http



  1. wow you should totally make this, i would buy one!

  2. thank you so much :)

  3. I love this design so simple and easy but cute

  4. i found as much as i could on baby shower nails and posted for you on my blog!!! xoxoxoxox i am so glad i am too old to catch that bug now! xoxoxoxoxo hahahaahhaha

  5. lol 10 months ago I was working on getting pregnant. :-) Everyone here where I live seems to be pregnant right now. Maybe it skipped from where you are and came here. We’ll call it the pregnant bug.

  6. oh my goodness!!!!! where were you about 10 months ago!!!!!!! i had 6 pregnant clients!!!! i dont have any pregnant clients now…….but please leave me a message and i will go through pictures and give you what i have. (title it baby shower pictures) and i know i will have shower nails up someday but it is a very small town i live in and no one is pregnant! i will do my best to help all i can :)

  7. Robin, please do something that would be good for a baby shower. My little one is due in April and my shower is next month. It’s carebear themed so anything with carebears or bunnies (because she is an Easter baby) or maybe just footprints (which I did when I first found out she was a girl). Please please please.

  8. Love this Nail Arty Design! You are Very Talented. Cheers & Thanks

  9. ahhh… trying very hard to decide how i am going to introduce roses… is something where the one step method is ultimate…but, such a small surface that you have to be a zen master to be that still. im trying to find a happy medium where newer nail techs can pull the look off and have it be okay…and work up from there…its hard..its one of the harder things for me right now…i have been really contemplating are reading my mind!!!! :) :):)

  10. You’re weird, I’m weird…we are all weird. LOL! I would love to send you my fake KISS nails that are used for me (because my regular nails are a wreck being a teacher) and have you work your magic on them. I would love to see the looks on my 3rd graders when they see the designs. The girls in my room go nuts over things like this. LOL
    If and when you do roses as your design I might need to brace myself—I’m a total sucker for roses.

  11. ….XD must of been the running with scissors that gave me away huh ~_^

  12. java!!!! hahahahahahah :) thank youuu!! :) :) its like…im starting to know who likes what and i kind of wait to see the responses so i can scream laugh…..i know im weird, but its fun!!!! and i had a sneaking suspicion you would like her! (i call all of my designs “girls” or “her” or “she) hehehehhehehe :)

  13. terrier, i totally can tell you have a penchant for gothic……:):):) oh we are gonna have fun in the months to come!!! hhahahahahaahahaahhah :) :):):)

  14. Oh Lordy, I love this one.

  15. this year i’m having a goth Valentine ~_^ cause you know love can be dark sometimes XD….Really love this design ^_^

  16. awesome :)

  17. i think it was the nail artist with the baby doll face as a front page……she does really pretty work….ill remember! hahahahah i know im crazy

  18. deselvie, awesome! make sure i see it!!!— it was so funny because im sure it happens a lot….i am new to youtube….and i had done a new years nail that looked a lot like someone elses that they posted first..i forgot who……but, i was tripped out! :) i was thinking “whoa….get out of my head!!!!” hahahahahahahaahah

  19. @ robin your very welcome..i enjoy watching them :)