SteamPunk Butler Photoshop Painting – SpicyDonut

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Trying out recording myself working. I’ve been working with a friend on a story called Steamwitch and right now I’m in the character design phase. Working ou…
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  1. great

  2. True! People aren’t evil (at least most of them)!

    But then again, people ARE ignorant (or rather they *willingly* choose to be)! Mindless consumerism has taken over their lives and nothing else matters to them. They willingly choose to be blind for the future of the next generations, the future of the species, and the future of our Planet. And you know what some wise guy once said : “For evil to prosper all it needs is for good people to do nothing.” So people, in my eyes, are evil.

  3. That is true, but the Internet does not equal intelligent. All our species claims to be the most intelligent life form on the planet.
    Our world is artificial with artificial problems created by our inability to act intelligently.
    Our species doesn’t have the ability to stop a problem from starting only the ability to run after it,after it had started, which creates bigger problem, and this is because it is unable to override its emotional and immoral state of mind, which will be its downfall.

  4. English mothafucker! do you speak it? got the reference right?

  5. Yes, this is true. Keep in mind that the majority of the world is not on the internet however, and that the poorer countries in the world have the population problem. On the internet, you’re preaching to the choir.

  6. I don’t. I like living. And i’m proud enough to say it. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life. If you feel like you are harming this world, do something about it. Don’t sit there on your high horse. If you feel overpopulation is a problem, fine. I agree. Don’t have kids. Be a good example for others. Don’t be the lizard minded people in this video. Humanity isn’t pure evil, and you know it.

  7. I realize that this was pretty disturbing but reminds me of our own world.

  8. I think everyone needs to see this film, to see what we are doing to our world

  9. Wow, that was just wow…

  10. That escalated quickly…

  11. Deep…

  12. This is great!!

  13. Wow

  14. The way I see things is that we become those things we resist and thus for me this film conveyed mostly the response of contraction and further violence in response to the darkness, the man sees. And how interesting that it is a man and not a woman or an androgynous being. But how about love instead of fear? We are still learning to take the great responsibility that is in my mind to see love and connectedness in everything instead of fear and in doing so learn to embrace things as they are.

  15. Me gusta…

  16. This reply is to Loup Coeur who made a comment then removed it.
    No we are all not like these are the ones who are not should speak out instead of the quiet.
    No we didn’t choose our species, but we did choose the way we wish to behave, nothing is stopping anybody out there changing there destructive behaviour,.
    You all do it freely, you have no excuses for destroying the planet, there are no laws that state you have to behave in this way. you do it with the full knowledge of what you are doing.


  18. It’s nice to meet somebody like myself .
    I have been fighting this war for over 10 years trying to wake the politicians and society up to the truth about their behaviour.
    I have had abuse in the bucket loads, and the ridiculous remarks why we should be allowed to carry on multiply ,you would not believe.
    I’ll give you one example of the stupidity of our species.
    Ie: It’s not our fault the world should expand to accommodate us.
    What chance of a future do we have with people like these.

  19. Beware what you say on the internet, especially about the population control, MUGGLES will say that you are part of the Illuminati. HAHA!

    All jokes aside, I rarely see around here people who can actually see the problem. Our constantly growing population will be a problem, and it will be not so far into the future.

    We truly are the cancer of our Planet. Sometimes I wish there was some sort of virus that affects humans only and wipe every single one of us out.