Steampunk box process!

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Steampunk box process!

This is not a tutorial, if you’d like to know more about a certain technique please let me know! Thank you! Here is what I did, I learned the foiling technique from Capricorn artist 73 and Rach0113 however I did not have the same products, so I used what I had on hand! It’s sped up so it wouldn’t be such a long video! Sit back and enjoy the tunes!!TFW Cynthialoowho♥ Please do not try any of my techniques without adult supervision! Candles, lighters, melting pots, and candle warmers are hot so be careful not to get burned! Read product info and use caution, work in well ventilated area!
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  1. Hiya! Where did you get the corners? And what was in the spray bottle you used for the lace?

  2. Omg I totally want that mixed cd …. LOL!!! LOVE the old school dance music!!!! AND the box is freaken awesome! I wanted more when it was done when normally I move in to another video well b4 it’s done. Loved it all!!

  3. loved the music mix … and loved your vid … very talented

  4. regular acrylics, Thanks for watching :)

  5. Beautiful job! Are those metalic paints? Or regular acrylics?

  6. Absolutely amazing! Wow, I learn so much from you. I’m just getting started but I’m collecting and storing these amazing ideas you present. I think I’m a repressed artist, can’t draw a stick figure to save my soul… I began with fabric and clothing design, but lost interest as I got older and lumpier… :) Then I turned my interest to building, repairing, and programming computers. Then I got a Mac. Now my artistic side has been aroused. I think this is where I belong, and you inspire me! TFS

  7. Lol, The Music Took me back! Love the Box, I’d love to see your Process of How to Go about Making the actually Box! Thanks for Sharing, and Just Remember imitation is the highest form of flattery ;) TFS! ♥Holly

  8. Love it! tfs. Love the music too! :)

  9. Take us back to old school love it

  10. 100% Awesome!! Love this box, Sistah! Where do you find the time for this stuff??? OMG!! You make it look so effortless!

    Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day!

  11. copy away sugarpie!! I don’t mind ppl copying me :) Love you bunches too!!

  12. wow it was great watching this I would have never thought about useing foil like this
    I love to get the great ideas from you and other on here tfs

  13. Wow this turned out gorgeous. I hope you do a tutorial on how you did all the techniques on this box.

  14. ´´booom ´´ oh my!!! beautiful texture and great video!thanks for sharing!!

  15. Great job sweetie! Love all the detail in this peice! I am going to try an make an altered box simulair to this but I WONT COPY YOUR IDEAS LOL! I’m just going to try some of these techniques! Luv you bunches my bestiest bestie!

  16. Graet vid watching you put it together, i think i will have to try that myself not to sure how it will turn out but ill give it a go lol tfs

  17. WOW, that is so COOOOOOOL… it

  18. Wow this was really interesting to watch how you put it all together! Thanks for sharing the whole process!!! Patti

  19. Girl, you rock! How awesome is this!!

  20. Great video and awesome box! What did you spray the lace with after inking it up? Was it just water or something else? Can’t wait to see the mini, though I think you’ve left the realm of mini’s with this one. Love the tunes too!

  21. wow! love this Cindy!!!!!! You are really rocking the steampunk!

  22. That box is fantastic!! I just love the look. TFS!!! Cathy

  23. How you can come up with all of these great ideas and techniques I don’t know but you’re awesome. TFS Hugs, Sheila

  24. so cool i want to try

  25. This was awesome cin!! You auctioning it? hehe