Steampunk Belt Buckle

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Steampunk Belt Buckle

Steampunk Belt Buckle

I realized that my day-to-day wardrobe was in serious need of something steampunk, so i constructed this.

See photos of the windows on my blog! Fashion & Festivity Macy’s Christmas Windows 2011! Filmed and edited by MCL at Happy Holidays! Song “Still Still Still” by Kaskade
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  1. “Just glue some gears on it and call it steampunk”

    needs actual functionality or they need to be powered

  2. Ooh – just watched some more, and the gears actually mesh and turn! Bravo! Guess I better go click the LIKE button.

  3. Look for this video on Youtube: “Just glue some gears on it, and call it steampunk”.
    Having said that, I like your buckle – it does at least look as if the gears might do something… and for an item of apparel I guess we can cut you some slack!

  4. Hey, are you from the mitten?? Value world? Awesome. I shop there all the time.
    Freaking awesome contraption!

  5. its not steam punk if it has no function, go look up the defintion of steampunk

  6. thanks!

  7. It looked really basic…

    …and then it MOVED.

  8. Where can i get cogs and gears?

    I don’t think I can find mechanical watches where I live.(not cheap anyways).
    Dumpster diving(as instructed in a forum) out if the question.
    There’s a shop where I live where they fix TVs and radios. Maybe i’ll try there
    Ordering of the internet is also out of the question( parents… grrr).
    And i’d feel bad about destroying still functional house appliances that are still of use.

    So, any tips for finding stuff that’s relatively cheap?Nothing else comes to mind.

  9. oooo~ the gears turn!
    that’s nifty!

  10. It supposedly became popular in the 1980s, but in my opinion, it all began in 1965 with the television show The Wild Wild West.


  12. Put a plastic case over that bad boy and add a little motor that would be sweet!

  13. When did this steampunk craze started? I’ve been into this kind of stuff forever but did know there’s a name for it.

  14. that would be the shit if it spun by itself, but it would prolly get cought on your shirt lol
    5 *****’s

  15. does anyone know of any antique shops in west jordan that sells old clocks with large clockwork?

  16. brilliance
    thanx 4 sharing
    looking forward to more (or should i be looking backward?)

  17. interesting

  18. some old clockwork i guess

  19. Neat.

  20. good idea XD

  21. in some ways, maybe the world would be better off if it had!
    we wouldnt be using as much fossil fuels n stuff…
    just recently got into steampunk, luvin it

  22. These where the same windows in Chicago and they sucked!

  23. amazing!!!

  24. I love this! I just left New York, I wish I had seen this earlier.

  25. “Just glue some gears on it and call it steampunk that’s the trendy fashion nowadays.”
    ~Mr. B he couldn’t be more right.

  26. ;w; Pretty sparkly steampunk Christmaaas~ <3

  27. Pretty cool, but the steam punk elements seem to be costume rrather than mechanism.
    Makes me miss NY though–store windows there are a highlight of the season.

  28. This is Fantastic! I wish we had something like this in LA :(

  29. Steampunk rules!

  30. beautiful video, editing and music, thank you