Steampunk Batman Painting! HUZZAH!

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Steampunk Batman Painting! HUZZAH!

Original painting available: More prints, shirts & awesomeness: Had Bruce Wayne been born a bit earlier he still would have fought crime and exercised regularly. This is a time lapse painting of Batman in a steampunk sort of fashion. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! ~Mary~ -Dear Mole People: the character Batman is owned by DC comics. I did not create this character. This is fan art. Go see The Dark Knight Rises. There’s a lot of “bangs” and “pops” and Alfred makes you cry. Overall, a good, well made film.- MOAR!!! http Royalty Free Music by http
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Steampunk band Abney Park, performs Airship Pirates, Live in Concert, at the DNA Lounge at the (Tim) Burton (Alice in) Wonderland Ball in San Francisco, February 2010. The girl in the Alice costume is on stage to help hold the musicians instrument. It is also a tribute to the theme of the night, Steampunk, and the new Alice in Wonderland Movie by Tim Burton.
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. It was.

  2. Who know what she use for a black very very black please ? :) ( sorry i’m frenche ^^)

  3. looks like batman combined with tony stark

  4. the joker steampunk, pleasseeeeee

  5. I would love a seperated face of a woman and cat!

  6. Steampunk Batman looks like Nite Owl

  7. More steampunk heros (green lantern flash and dead pool would be some good ones :D )


  9. wised it was on something wearable

  10. could you please draw steampunk iron man?

  11. ffs mary if yer gonna show us that royalty free music thing then at least mention where we can find the songs we listen to!

  12. I can honestly say I love you…err I mean your talent, of course. You have an incredible gift and talent :D I look forward to owning a poster or print of yours soon!!

  13. man-eating mermaids


  15. draw Baboons riding balloons while acting like baffoons.

  16. Isn’t the girl on stage Chloe Bown, Captain Robert’s daughter?

  17. Sorry….Im new to doing more on Youtube then just watching the videos. I didnt realize that the whole string was 10 months ago when I replied to it. Just annoyed at the guy for his disparaging remarks. Sorry if I spoke out of turn.

  18. I don’t see the point of that comment.

  19. Awesome band…I just recently discovered this group and I am hooked. Keep up the great work.

  20. Seriously??? These videos and the ability to post comments are for fans. If you’re not a fan then leave us alone. I am not going say the things I am thinking. Because then there would be a reply that would be distasteful and unwanted. I say we all just choose to ignore any comment that is mean, hurtful, and generally nothing more then useless, nonsensical, dribble. Best wishes to Abney Park…awesome band, great sound, and excellent content in their songs. Epic win for everyone!

  21. nice people playing awesome music,i just shed a tear of awesome

  22. …And with this video, this band has a new fan!! :D

  23. @might2007 They are loser? Go fuck yourself. You are probably just an overwieght she-male on a stolen laptop in a bin.

  24. poor little Alice up there looks a bit awkward, poor dear XD

  25. Thanks for the tip man, I needs to find my tuner now lol

  26. Nathan aint allowed to bring his other two bionical arms and the girl could help em

  27. I love Jody…she loves what she does and sings waaay better. Compare The wrong side (2008 and 2011) She has a cool not annoying voice.

  28. I miss nathan

  29. airship “pirate”?….. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSERS!

  30. Why is alice just standing on stage