Steampunk art exhibition 2008

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Trailer for the first STEAMPUNK art exhibition in the US, perhaps the world. Curated by Art Donovan of Donovan Designs and including works from internationally known artists. Located in Bridgehampton NY.

Tom Sepe – A multi-disciplinary artist, shows off his Whirlygig Emoto – a Steampunk inspired steam-electric-hybrid scooter and other projects in this casting call video for the Discovery Channel.



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  2. And I dont have any problem with you not wanting to hear or don’t care about my opinion. However acting like an asshole is kind of unnecessary. I am perfectly aware that being on the internet makes you feel like you’re untouchable and can say whatever you like, and by all means that is the fact, but at least try to pretend that you are an adult.

  3. Great question. A comment is an off-handed remark used to express an idea or an opinion. You assumed that just because I gave my opinion, I must be interested in hearing yours. Don’t worry, I know this stuff can get a bit technical.

  4. Then why did you comment?

  5. Well that’s interesting, because I give two shits.

  6. I disagree. I think the words steampunk and dieselpunk for that matter, has a sort of gritty and brutal and very analog feel to it.

  7. you are the most adorable man I have ever seen. congrats on all your fine accomplishments!

  8. whirlygig…lol

  9. so pretty much there is nothing you dont do

  10. You are very inspirational person (I always thought i am a bit strange with my wanting to do so many and so different things…, so THANKS.).

  11. Awesome work. This video is currently featured on the front page at the Steam City community website.

  12. Great work, Tom! Inspiring.

  13. Tom Sepe!  You’re my hero.

  14. Freakin LOVE the Emoto. Awesome dude! You’re a real, honest Renaissance Man!

  15. ive seen some of you work and always liked it im happy you have you one youtube account now and BTW i dig the hat :D