Steampunk Archangel Wings

Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Videos | 23 comments

Steampunk Archangel Wings v1.0 I made this costume for my wife on a whim. This was a “quick and cheap” costume, completed in about a week. I got tired of all the pathetic little steampunk/goth wings that show up on the internet, that have a 2′ wingspan, and wanted to make something that looked like it “could” fly.



  1. whats the chance for the code of g on this ????

  2. nevermind, just re-watched it and saw that all that info was in the credits.

  3. What are those wings made of? and how much does it weigh? It looks heavy…

  4. Bravo : )

    Johnny Cool, Montreal, Canada

  5. It’s a still frame from the last X-Men movie.

  6. These are amazing! I love how the gears move as the wings open. C:

    Um… could anyone tell me what the photo @ 1:44 is from?

  7. Cool!

  8. Most excellent work my dear man.

  9. You wouldn’t happen to have a schematic for this awesomeness would you?

  10. Im SO over steampunk, but these are awesome!

  11. Amazing workmanship, you might try to use the openers from the automotive trunks, hoods, depending on how they are mounted they could be used to assist the closing action. But it could take some redesign work, but since you have your own home cnc set up and you obviously know how to do cad work that should not pose to much of a problem. I sure wish you lived close to me. We would be great buds…lol

  12. Comic-con I come

  13. Great!  She must have been very pleased.

  14. This set is closed by hand, because I was laid off when I made them, and didn’t have money for fancy pneumatics. They could easily have the screen-door-closers swapped out, and replaced with some double-acting pneumatic cylinders, probably for about $150.

  15. Yeah i was wondering. can you close those wings? I mean without using your hands and keep the closed.

  16. That is a cool project for sure. Talk to you soon.

  17. I’m not really sure what your specific question is? How do they fold, as in how do the hinges work? How do the support veins in the fabric wing material collapse? What independently moves the wing tip section down, while the wing roots move up?

  18. May I ask how you created it? I mean how to create the wings to unfold and then fold again.

  19. Well done.

  20. BATMAN!!!!!!

  21. if only you could glide with them on your back…

  22. reminds me of steam-punk batman

  23. do they work like davincis? i wanna fly and ill spend that much for the ability of flying dude