Steampunk and Victorian Dresses ?Swish and Sway

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The more things change, the more they remain the same. Only with some slight twists when it comes to womens dresses. This is amply shown in the changing fashions and styles that draw inspiration from past designs. Steampunk dresses are inspired by fabulous Victorian dresses so prevalent in England that again based their styles on Gothic and medieval styles. While modern clothing is trendy in its own right, it is highly functional, devoid of embellishments that so adorn women and give them allure. Steampunk costumes based on Victorian costumes are a revival of styles that use lots of frills, lace and embellishment along with accessories to match. If you plan on going to a party or making a style statement, go for steampunk dresses.

Steampunk has, like the Phoenix, risen from being an obscure fashion style to its way to becoming popular and entering the mainstream fashion line.

What would have been construed as sloppy and pretentious is today stylish and glamorous. That is steampunk dress for you. It is the Victorian dress style re-invented and evolved with the same basic set of genes but overlaid by modern tones in fashion. In hindsight, the rising popularity of steampunk clothing based on Victorian corset style is inevitable since they are depicted on TV and movies, generating a desire in women to look just as alluring as the stars swishing and swaying on the screen.

Most steampunk corset ideas are heavily based on Victorian costume styles prevalent during the 19th century. Victorian dress style of that period made generous use of exquisite materials and flowing drape, heavy corsets, frills, pleats, ruffles, fringes and braids as embellishments along with form fitting jackets.

It is totally different and utterly feminine. A woman accoutered in Victorian dress could look demure and submissive or depict a haughty look, as she pleased. Steampunk dresses, while inspired heavily by 18th and 19th century Victorian dresses, accent the Victorian Haute Couture with a different interpretation and tweaks for a modernistic look.

Today one can choose from a range of Victorian dress inspired steampunk dresses from brick and mortar stores as well as from online stores. If fab and glam are keywords for your looks, and you want to give these an added twist, steampunk dresses will answer your needs. You have freedom to pick and choose, innovate and add your own ideas if you want a custom ensemble or you can pick from the steampunk dress styles such as aristocrat, maid, fortune teller, witch and so on. Costume parties take on a different air when we have women swish and sway, resplendent in steampunk dresses.

There is a complete line that includes blouses, tops, lingerie, waistcoats, bottoms, dresses, outfits, belts, bags, shoes and accessories in the steampunk dress range you can luxuriate in. A bustle skirt that emphasizes hips and curves and gives a decided allure can be just the thing in steampunk dress that will give you a hot, hot look. What makes modern steampunk dresses better is that they are made of synthetic fabric, easy to wash and care for.

Available from many online stores, one could be spoilt for choices when it comes to Victorian dresses inspired steampunk costumes.