Steampunk AMV – Under The Radar

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Steampunk AMV – Under The Radar

This is another amv i had in mind for a while, i couldn’t make it earlier because i didn’t have time. This is an amv for an awesome animated movie ‘Steamboy’ i didn’t use effects on this amv because it doesn’t need to, the film got so much details that i didn’t want to ruin with effects it’s enjoyable without them. I hope you enjoy this video :) Anime : Steamboy Artist : Abney Park Song : Under The Radar ROU production
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  1. yes

  2. no, because he is in the band recently, and this song is froms the album “aether shanties”

  3. Titus plays the violin?

  4. cool video

  5. Cool. I was never into anything steampunk but a good AMV none the less