Steampunk Airship Timelapse – The Voxel Box

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Steampunk Airship Timelapse – The Voxel Box

Steampunk Airship Timelapse - The Voxel Box

Watch the video tour: Texture pack: Music: Reference image: by klone Built on The Voxel Box:



  1. no cinematics.

  2. how did he get the pipe, was it a mod or something?

  3. Dude. Awesome. Really. Awesome. Did I say it’s awesome? lol

  4. That Is the Most Eipc Airship Ever

  5. and then it was time for breakfast…

  6. 4:05 I SEE RIDGEDOG!

  7. how many have you seen in minecraft?

  8. nice

  9. Steampunk :3

  10. The other one i Ridgedog

  11. When they are doing the interior are there TWO Mexxy’s? O.O

  12. Dude, He’s An MW Player, Leave Him Alone, He Dont Know What He Is Talking About!

  13. ridge dog?

  14. Isn’t mexxy a name for drug that gets you high???

  15. 4:16 Ridgedog in a seasonably warm looking dress xD

  16. although your ship is good and i think his could be more of a boat then an airship your still being a boasting ass and attacking a guy who just wanted to show of his ship if i wanted to i could say the same of you in regards to you comment i honestly don’t care what you take of this comment but i will say this its ok to criticize and even add a little pride into your works and the works of others but its not ok when you start acting like a mindless troll and make an ass of yourself.

  17. oh so what is yours? did you just put a minecraft boat on top of a floating wood block?

  18. Just go to the voxelbox forums…

  19. does anyone know how to contact them i have to talk using skype

  20. WTF is Ridge wearing!!

  21. psh my dirt house is better it has a crafting table.

  22. phhhht i think my airship is a lot better although he wasn’t trying

  23. i think this looks super cool

  24. 1 People ?