Steampunk 2007

I’ve made this model few months ago. It was made for a Steampunk modeling contest. (Steampunk is a subgenre of fantasy and speculative fiction which came into prominence in the 19th century. It’s meaning is a machine that uses steam power.) Even though it was developed a long time ago, I wanted to make it fly this year. Please welcome “Steampunk 2007″ (V1.0?) Enjoy. * The soundtrack is “Arrival At Naboo”. “Star Wars” main title. * You can see the model stages during the contest at * The pilot is PackageMan v1.2 from




  2. -_-#

  3. you are kidding right? O_O

  4. thank u!!!!! i agree 100% like sereusly!

  5. Holy shit was that real?

  6. Hehehe i like it. more of this kind of thing!

    and why’s everyone so cut up about the starwars rip? oh yeah… trolls :p

  7. this is absolute SHIT

    and why would you have star wars playing for gods sake you know nothing of steampunk

  8. He’s trying to be steampunk. Of course a steampunk chopper would never fly. But this is REALLY bad steampunk…