Steam Trek: The Moving Picture (Star Trek Parody)

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“In Space, no-one can hear you!” Classic sci-fi as it might have been done 100 years ago by George Melies. (This version cut to fit old YouTube restrictions – full version is now online here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Jolly well one of the best ST parodies out there. Ripping go, old man!

  2. Far better than Insurrection! 

  3. Freaking Awesome.

  4. Geekiness of the most brilliant kind. And I say this as a thorough geek.

  5. brilliant when do we get the sequel ” the quest for sprocket” !

  6. FAN-FUKIN-TASTIC!! Amazing work guys, You out did yourselfs really. The music the vintage film filter. And the Oscare for best shortfilm goes too…

  7. This. Video. Is. Amazing. Whatever class you were doing this for, if you didn’t get an A, the teacher is a moron.

  8. Brilliant. 

  9. Great, Coal bag as a steampunk Horta ;-)

  10. Oh my gosh this is so adorable and awesome!!! I love it!!!

  11. Thank you!

    indeed it is carbon based – rofl
    and the captain always gets the girl

  12. lol Klingon theme at 3:10

  13. @ about :16 we should be hearing putt-putt, jalopy type bad engine sounds…funny how these are things we could have accomplished much sooner than we did…I could totally see a spacecraft limping to new worlds looking for coal as opposed to dilithium crystals to power their engines.

  14. ‘You asked for it’ – starting to throw the tarts… LOL
    well done, it really was fun watching!

  15. “Captain’s Logs”

  16. Asian bridals here ****

  17. Cool, the sheer amount of period-correct detail in this is amazing! The audio track sounds like it’s from a genuine gramophone record instead of a downsampled modern recording, like most silent-film remakes. The cue cards are sometimes in slightly-off angles and the scene transitions are rough, like in genuine old films. The Enterprise artwork looks straight out of A Trip to the Moon. A++ would watch again!

  18. Love it LOL.