Steam Punk Tribute

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 11 comments

A short tribute I made to my newest favorite sub culture; Steam Punk Sorry to those expecting it Sunday especially since its be finished since early yesterday Nothing belongs to me the song is Abney Park airship pirate, the video is from trailers to Atlantis The Lost Empire, Edge of Twilight, Treasure Planet, in game cut scenes from Rise of Legends and Dr Steel videos (ones a PSA about aliens the other episode two of his show)
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  1. very few people play it on the internet… i found 2 that still do. and i drowned them in airforce. they lost 2 king leviathans, almost a dozen of juggernauts and a number of clockwork men and infantry i am afraid to count. i lost ~4 air destroyers.

    nice vid btw

  2. …. I know… Every time I use it in game I am joyful, yet sad, because its like cheating.

  3. 3:00 air destroyer spam FTW!

  4. A) Whoa whoa, Bro. Don’t shit on other people’s parades over the difference between Steampunk and Dieselpunk. Think about that for a second. Besides how totally BADASS the whole thing looks. You’re angry at it over the difference between to arbitrarily defined pseudo fashions? B) If they were all truly Disel punk, the whole thing would like some sort of nautical themed disco party, as it as it actually could be a high fantasy fascist (or funist) dictatorship. 2) Autistic people are pretty chill.

  5. I was, Then I discovered that the fandom was full of autistic retards that didn’t know left from right.

  6. I disagree entirely. He is certainly a bit of both, but REALLY, have you seen the Toy Soldiers? If you want people to embrace Steel’s more Dieselpunk nature, you’ve got a lot more Soldiers to deal with then just little ol’ me

  7. Bro, Dr.Steel isn’t Steampunk, He’s Dieselpunk. Learn the difference.

  8. What song/band is this?

  9. I started liking steam punk recenly too but i got it from a book called Leviathan,Behemoth(sequels) Theyre not completely Steam Punk but they got a slight teme towards it.

  10. Nice video, I really wanna watch Treasure planet now lol

  11. I actually don’t know much about that game, that is why I didn’t use it.