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part 2 of 2 for the making of the steampunk version of the skin see all my skins for download here
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  1. You know, I just decided that I’m going to do a parody of Tobuscus in my story that I’m writing…. Or maybe in all of them. That kind of parody that only those who know Toby and have watched his videos more than once and more than one understands it. Damn, it’s gonna be awesome. xD

  2. Same names? :O

  3. You’re making me look retarded becasue I keep hugging my brother…(no gay)

  4. Toby, why do you have to look like my brother?

  5. I’m thinking of becoming someone like toby my name would be zackattack and my fans would be called the attacker m logo is a thunder bolt with a Z inside of it

  6. You mean 0:28?

  7. nice fade effect

  8. it’s the late 1800′s except with a futuristic twist.

  9. 0:28

  10. dep-ot… deepo if you will, dep-ot if you won’t.

  11. He knows what the phrase means.That’s why he said it after he remarked that the guy was pulling out. Toby just says “I don’t know what that means” to cover the impropriety that just occurred because his demographic is mainly made up of kids. That’s why he doesn’t swear anymore.

  12. Pause at 1:26 for the cutest face EVER.You’re WELCOME.

  13. What is steampunk

  14. I haven’t seen that steampunk frame picture in your house toby. where is it? please show us the picture frame in HD so that we can actually see it. this video had too much sol in it reflecting off of the glass.


  16. yea its july 15th

  17. when he did the outshout everything got tinted blue

  18. you are supposed to say “Thats what she said” after someone or you says something in a dirty way. I know right gross! hahaha Ex: That’s HUGE!!! so sorry I had to say that just letting you know what something means have a good day. BOOP!!

  19. we noticed punk of the steam

  20. 4:37…best moment of my life XD

  21. who else blessed his face?

  22. ABNEY PARK is steampunk 

  23. Haha my username is steampunk xD

  24. Depot is pronounced depot if you will, if you wont, debit since you wont and not. it cancells, not.

  25. Added to my ‘Everyone is a robot’ themed LoL.
    I’ve got about 3/4 of the cast in already.
    Great work :3