Steam Punk Goggles

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 24 comments

Steam Punk goggles that I made for the Monkey Puzzle New Years eve party 2007. The gears came from a old car CD player. The controls for the CD player broke and I ended up listening to Skinny Puppy- the process for 6 months before I got a new player. I had to take it apart to get the CD out of the player and saved the pieces for future projects. The copper and brass bits I machined myself. I think I get geek points for machining my costume the day of the event? More Pictures



  1. All fun and games until your hair gets caught in it.

  2. ^– See… =]

  3. Holy…Crap.. I made something a set of goggles almost identical to these, down to the position of the gears. @_o.. which I also got my gears from a junked car cd player, too much freakyness.

  4. its on a plate LOL

  5. read the uploader comments

  6. does it like shoot stem to clean up your goggles? or does it shoot air to clear up your goggles on a rainy day?

  7. what does the motor do?

  8. haha xD Thats exactly what I was thinking!!! :D I miss WoW.

    Also I bet it would be a NIGHTMARE if your hair got caught in that O_O

  9. lol the combination of the sound + The rotating made me think you were microwaving them.

  10. lol awesome

  11. just think if those goggles were real what would those gears do too be spinning nonstop?

  12. That is awesome!!, what did you take apart to get that motor that spins the gears?

  13. I can actually see a WoW gnome wearing this… and a goblin wearing almost the same and exploding in his face.

  14. Best I’ve ever seen. Great for identifying zombies and vampires, I’d imagine. :)

  15. Its awesome. But im wondering… can you actually see out of it?

  16. BADASS! :)

  17. this looks kinda more cyber punk

  18. strange yet awsome

  19. Just give it a bronze and copper paintjob and your good to go :D

  20. I still like it better than a blue-tooth. it looks like it will put off a lot less radiation as well. is that warm orange glow, off the left lens, the brotherly warmth of mars, or the burning spirit fire of the sun,?. so, yeah.,. & stuff. mad kudo’s for making the game day deadline. I would like a longer video, explaining more. still, gave it a like.

  21. I want it!

  22. I love how you incorporate the 9v to make it look like its some laser pointer or something, :P !

  23. I would be afraid that it would shock my eye ball.

  24. that is a little more cyberpunk than steam punk but it kicks ass.