Funny animated short clip of a duel between to men for the affection of a large chested woman
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  1. Genius!

  2. Dude, awesome

  3. I love the man with the little umbrella :p

  4. There’s an HD version uploaded by the people who actually made it, entitled “A Gentlemen’s Duel – Vancouver Film School”

  5. That was do funny!!!!!

  6. Neat

  7. very interesting video thanks

  8. some really good stuff here

  9. great video thanks

  10. You copied this from vancouver film scool in worse quality, and yet gained double that many views, congraz sir.

  11. The higher-res version is available from teh VancouverFilmSchool account, and is the top video on the right. It is entitled “A Gentleman’s Duel”

  12. it just so happens one is English and the other French?

  13. @TheWarhammerfreak Um…. steampunk isn’t about making all animals robotic or full of gears. There are alot of animals in steampunk are a big part of it.

  14. steampunk shouldn’t really hace animals, well cyborg animals are fine, still great vid

  15. 1 word: Epic!

  16. Stolen.
    That-s why the bad quality …

  17. This Duel makes no sense there’s no Cards or Life Points…? 

  18. 2:35 lol

  19. It’s like watching two refridgerators fighting.

  20. i saw this im like… LOOOOOL

  21. Ya thanks!

  22. Best…Cartoon…Ever…XD

  23. there is, its made by VancouverFilmSchool