Steam Powered Giraffe Interviewed at Clockwork Con 2012

Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Videos | 20 comments

Steam Powered Giraffe presents a group of comedic robots with a really great sound! Yes it’s Steampunk! It’s also a very fine blend of smooth jazz, old style rock, Barber Shop Quartet, Swing, and more than a little of the comedic and bizarre. In this interview, you get a look at the interesting characters behind the music! The strangly dressed interviewer had just come from a panel on “Multicultural Steampunk” wearing a steampunk tribute to his Irish/Cherokee ancestor. It was fun, creative and bizarre at Clockwork Con!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ahha so random XD

  2. Me myself misses him when he’s out of character, he’s so awesome and I wanna hear him speak!

  3. I wanna marry you all.

  4. ohmygosh, Bunny wasn’t lying when she said her personality was the opposite of the Rabbit. Out of character she’s as shy as a mouse. It’s adorable. <3

  5. So tempted to ask them about this video personally, and see if the remember it

  6. Ahhhh Jon!! We’ll miss your silly antics :(

  7. Am I the only one who thinks they are feeling a little awkward in this intrview?


  9. Omg Jon is such a dork.
    I miss him so much

  10. Yeah.. We’ll all miss him :T

  11. 0:57

  12. Bunny is so adorbs

  13. He’s not out of character. He just switched his operation mode.

  14. Jon. Jon. Do you to you need to go to time out, or something?

  15. Jon you are overwhelmingly adorable!

  16. So every dude with dreadlocks does own a hang drum!

  17. Rabbit is too cute!

  18. The Jon, as awesome as awesome could be

  19. The Jon and I are one.

  20. @GirEatsChewyMeatPies