Steam Powered Giraffe – Honeybee

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Steam Powered Giraffe – Honeybee

Purchase CDs & Singles: © 2012 Steam Powered Giraffe LLC. “Honeybee” Lyrics Music & Lyrics by Christopher Bennett Composed by David Bennett You didn’t have to look my way Your eyes still haunt me to this day But you did. Yes, you did You didn’t have to say my name Ignite my circuits and start a flame But you did Oh, Turpentine erase me whole (Cause I) don’t want to live my life alone (Well I) was waiting for you all my life Oh Why Set me free, my..honey- Bee Ho-ney Bee You didn’t have to smile at me Your grin’s the sweetest that I’ve ever seen But you did. Yes you did You didn’t have to offer your hand Cause since I’ve kissed it I am at your command But you did Oh, Turpentine erase me whole I don’t want to live my life alone I was waiting for you all my life Oh Why Set me free, my…honey- Bee Ho-ney Bee Hello Goodbye, Twas nice to know you How I find myself without you That I’ll never know I let myself go Hello Goodbye, I’m rather crazy And I never thought I was crazy But what do I know? Now you have to go Honeybee Honeybee (Round) (Round) (Acapella Round) Rabbit & The Jon: Hello Goodbye, Twas nice to know you How I find myself without you Hello Goodbye, I’m rather crazy And I never thought I was crazy The Spine & Michael Reed: That I’ll never know. I let myself go. But what do I know? Now you have to go. Steam Powered Giraffe presents the official music video for their song “Honeybee”. Directed by – Christopher Bennett DP – Raul Urreola



  1. officialsteampoweredgiraffe[dot]tumblr[dot]com/post/32204911846/jon-sprague-departing-steam-powered-giraffe-dear And officialsteampoweredgiraffe[dot]tumblr[dot]com/post/32254153876/bunny-bennett-rabbit-has-posted-an-all-access

  2. Spine gets even LESS attention!

  3. Steam Powered Giraffe ft. Data…. make it so!

  4. I first heard “Honeybee” at The Stork Club — an upscale music and dance venue within Second Life, and played by DJ Ayko Aya. The lyrics and the harmonies grabbed me almost instantaneously… very timely and poignant. Then I saw this video and became captivated by it’s artistry and simplicity. Very nicely done. I read that the guy doing the top harmony has left the band. What a shame. SPG should bring him back or get an immediate replacement. The dynamic will seem incomplete, otherwise.

  5. These guys have sex appeal.

  6. I’m right there with ya. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but you can tell he’s very into his character, which makes his performances even better. He and the Spine do well together, but I guess that’s a given seeing as how they grew up together.

  7. this song is beautifull , i’m french and when i listen this song for the first time , i’ve cryed because of the emotions of this song , after , i read lycris and i’ve cryed again . honestly this song and this interpretation are amazing !
    ps: sorry for my bad english ^^

  8. ill tag along as well if you dont mind…

  9. yes-Jon’s attention and time behind the scenes was spread too thin for what we wanted to do though, and over the last two years the group’s frustrations from that subtly grew until it became a problem we had to deal with. Two years were spent attempting to re-balance the chemistry and all of us trying so hard to make it work. But there came a point when we all agreed we needed something to happen. Even Jon. That is why we are moving on.

    that was from the band. find out more at their tumblr.

  10. Do you know why the Jon in leaving? I cant seem to find out why anywhere!

  11. I love Rabbit. He turned me for robots <3

  12. Am I the only one who likes Rabbit the best? Seems everyone likes The Jon, I never cared for him too much honestly…

  13. yes, sadly one of them is leaving. :( The Jon is leaving. (the one with the red suspenders and feather in he hat) Steam powered giraffe made the announcement on the 24th.

  14. Can’t stop listening to this :) Lovely

  15. The Jon always has been and always will be my favorite. I love his personality and his goofy remarks. I hope that he continues to be just as awesome…and cute :D

  16. How I find myself without the Jon, that I’ll never know

  17. The Jon, I liked your voice the best. :/ Goodbye

  18. i hope my neighbors like this song too <3

  19. I’m seeing them everywhere on tumblr so I finally broke down and looked them up..I see why people are obsessed! :D But one of them’s leaving??

  20. but, but, but, but… The Jon was my favorite. :(

  21. Same here.

    My daughter posted this video on Facebook a few days ago. I ordered their CD about two seconds after I watched the video.

    Every morning, I slam that refresh button on the USPS tracking page till my mail comes. ANY DAY NOW, POSTAL SERVICE!