Steam Powered Giraffe – Automatonic Electronic Harmonics

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© 2012 Steam Powered Giraffe LLC. Steam Powered Giraffe presents the official music video for their song “Automatonic Electronic Harmonics”. This song is from Steam Powered Giraffe’s album ‘The 2¢ Show’. Directed by – David Michael Bennett Director of Photography – Eric May Purchase “The 2-Cent Show” album CD: Purchase on iTunes: “Automatonic Electronic Harmonics” Lyrics Music & Lyrics by David Michael Bennett Ever since the first time I opened my eyes I’ve awakened to the same thing Other automaton friends roughly built like me The first time I opened my mouth to speak steam escaped to the air and black oil dripped from my lips and onto the ground Well daylight struck a chord with my photo-receptors Night greeted me with a sea of stars Our eyes all flashed blues and greens through the night It’s just our Aaaaaaaaaah Automatonic Electronic Harmonics People are soaring, always exploring, higher than they’ve ever been before But we are still down here, feet on the ground near what will rise us up with the rest Our thoughts are quixotic, stark and robotic, mechanical in nature all the time And pulses are firing in our head wiring, guiding all our actions and beings It’s just our Aaaaaaaaaah Automatonic Electronic Harmonics I am not an unimaginable thing My thoughts are tangible though they’re full of springs I don’t have the heart to send you untruthful words My skin is cold to the touch and made from the earth They say Oh, oh



  1. Wait, when did the Jon decide to leave? That’s so disappointing! ;n; 

  2. Spine has a lovely voice, I really adore how different he sounds during this song.

  3. NO NOT THE JON….. im going to cry…

  4. I love you Jon :’( You are my favorite!

  5. The Jon leaving has left me in shock…….

  6. When Spine sings solo and the camera shows a close up of his silvery metallic skin, its almost orgasmic.

  7. You mean his ear is sexy, right?

  8. spine has pitch like no other motherfucker

  9. The Spine is so sexy.

  10. I officially can’t eat steaming hot food without singing this

  11. It’s been months since I first discovered these incredibly talented people. And you know what? Even after listening to them on repeat, nearly non-stop, they still give me chills when I hear them.

  12. Safe sailing, Sprague.

  13. NOOOO NOT JON! =((((((((((

  14. sucks that The Jon is leaving but Freaking Rabbit looks SO GREAT in this vid when his mouth opens all wide during the HA-AAAHRMOOOOONICS the eyes glow and everything great vid.

  15. The video really got me into the song, they are good at the robot..ness

  16. This music it’s so great, all the group is amazing, it’s the first time a hear something like this and I love it!

  17. I’ve been listening to this songbook days now :3 it’s quite solidly stuck in my head