Steam Expo Steampunk Convention

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Photos from the World Steam Expo 2010 in Dearborn, Michigan. Lots of steampunk and victorian science fiction goodness here. Photos from
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  1. I love it.

  2. Captain Robert!!!

  3. well that thumbs up thing worked real well didn’t it

  4. thumbs up cause I’m getting my pocket watch in time for Halloween ! I love steam punk !!!

  5. where can i find this song at? what is it called and can i purchase it somewhere??

  6. The next one is in 2 days in Dearborn Michigan

  7. Thanks for posting!
    Is there a link for individual photos?

  8. Love your video!!! I hope to go this year!!!

  9. Hehehe, I’m in this video @ 1:25 on the left.

  10. ohmygod i love steampunk. if the world was filled with steampunk machinery and stuff id be at home XD. id love to have a steampunk lolita outfit. i think the two go well together as long as it has the right color scheme. P:

  11. thanks for posting this i didn’t get to see it all… missed Abney… saw Gypsy Nomads who were awesome! The Men that will not be Blamed were great too..

  12. Hehe I am in this Video at 0:46 I am the female that looks bored. But actually I had a lot of fun :)

  13. Dude, I’m just geeking out by simply looking at these images!! =)

  14. where are the photos for this online?

  15. ah u had pic of the SMS zepherus group thats cool

  16. yep cant wait till next year for it to come again

  17. yep cant wait till next year for it to come again

  18. Awesomeness, It was super fun! Can’t wait for the next one! [:

  19. song: Behold the Machine from Vernian Process

  20. what song is this?

  21. Wow that was quick, the expo isn’t even over until today ends. :]
    So many nice people, and so many wonderful things to do. Was the greatest show ever ;]