Start/Select – Dishonored’s Steampunk Chic, Diablo III

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Submitted for your approval in this week-ending Start/Select: Diablo III’s release date, the unique art of assassination adventure Dishonored, and apparently no peek at a new Xbox this year. Watch more Start/Select – Watch more Appetite for Distraction – Watch more Escape from Mount Stupid – Like us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hey people, welcome to Minecraft Weekly 14. A link to all the things in the video are below :) Also please leave a like to support my show! Glimmar’s Steampunk v2.3 Chuck Norris skin by Studnicky Neglesh’s Pokemon – Kanto Region Wolv21 Twitter: Facebook: Steam:



  1. dishonored FTW!

  2. This guy in this video looks like an exact duplicate of the actor in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

  3. did he seriously just pronounce diablo “die oh blow”? omg lol u silly UK’ers

  4. You jerked off didnt you.

  5. JEFF!!

  6. Yes but with
    +10 to Class & Poise
    :P !

  7. no hd next Wii U

  8. 5 without make up

  9. Jane = above average looking
    (id rate her as a 7 nothing special)

  10. how can you pronounce beta like beeeta but you cant say diablo without calling it die-ablo I usually dont give a shit about accents but that was just stupid

  11. If only the Wii U was next gen.

  12. OH Jane

  13. just touch it jane lol

  14. really ppl came for this girl lol this is the internet just go look at porn if its that serious lol

  15. Jane=Ugly.

  16. I like this !

  17. were those twizzlers or red vines?

  18. :D I know you like these a lot and I am grateful for your support

  19. Thanks :)

  20. Yeah maybe although I never know myself half the time. I usually just do what I feel like lol

  21. Yeah, I get what you are saying but not always possible as map lengths vary and it does actually take a lot of time to edit and stuff as it is lol

  22. oh :P Thought there might be

  23. lol, Chuck Norris ftw

  24. Chuck Norris can get porkchops straight off a pig with his bare hands.

  25. there is a new client mod which allows you to do the face look camera again … ill talk to you about it on the server later on :D

  26. Thanks for adding skin spotlight! Chuck Noris lol

  27. When patch 1.6 is here, there should be an old man (2 stacked blocks *duh*) who gives you a map in the second city :)

  28. there already is =p its called.. pokeballs =p

  29. it’s basicaly – a cross between fantasy and sort of tehnology, where people are discovering steam power and often build mechs and stuff with it =p

  30. constructive criticism: most maps start the same way: there are the rules, the story, all that crap – i don’t really care about these every week. i’d ike to encourage you to show some interesting bits from further on – some awesome structures, some neat puzzles or the design. that way its a proper review, not a 1st impessions every episode. unless youre going for just that, in wich case bugger all i wrote xD

  31. nice vid, also you should do a segment on what videos are coming out in the next week