SPIKY – Steampunk Carnival Symposium EXTRACT#6 – The Sick Crow [2011]

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WEBSITE LINK : http://www.spiky.fr/ You can order the album here : http://www.spiky.fr/webshop.html http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/spiky2 https://itunes.apple.com/…

Music Promo video by BB BlackDog to “What you need” from our “No One” Album, Available on Vinyl, CD and Budget CD from www.steampunkrecords.com as well as it…



  1. That picture makes me feel like am somewhere else….steampunk city

  2. super!!

  3. Lol the shopping cRt

  4. your vehicles are awesome 

  5. This is the most amazing video I’ve seen for a long time :D I laughed like an idiot at the steam propelled shopping cart at the beginning :D

  6. ASTONISHING!!! Love it!

  7. great,, love it

  8. This is so f***ing refreshing in both music and art… this has been here longer than I thought and will stick around..

  9. Should have ended with shooting the gimp dog

  10. Cool video and song. I really dig it!!

  11. cool.

  12. Yep, we shot that bit in Warsop, had to Have Julie and her wings in it :-)

  13. Thats julie flying isnt it.

  14. great

  15. Damn Gimp gets the girl after Dale and crew saves her???? WTF man!

  16. I need one of those :3 They look so much fun!:’3

  17. Thanks, we’re back over in C.O. next Feb and March, Hope we see you again, Cheers Dale

  18. Great stuff. You were telling me about filming with the shopping cart when we met you at Anomaly Con. Thanks for a memorable time!

  19. Excellent track like all of them guys ;)

  20. Check out the gildedmonocle for the latest review of BB Black Dog

  21. Hi
    We’re in Germany during November.
    Oldenburg, Keil, Lubeck, Bad Segeburg and Hamburg possibly a few more if anyone else wants to book us.

  22. lets go togetehr?`build steampowered shopping carts…
    and drive off…°..^

  23. Me and my friend wish we could go to the Steampunk festival you’re playing at so much! (My parents are going without us!!!!)

  24. way to go…°..^
    as would i,the sounds good and i like your lines of Bass,
    “decent” and my instrument to,
    in a future yet to come,it would be awesome if you played in Germany °…^
    as my engines wont take my crossing rivers..°..^
    as i go on..and on
    can i get “flyers somehow”? to lay out in an goth clothes store,
    where is sell some,steampunkish jewlery…
    Ps:i could of course write an proper mail…for such purposes
    just thougt i´d be an idea… °..^

  25. Its Appreciated, we do what we can with not much equipment, and some friends.