These dudes spent K and 9 months to create this awesome ride. Where are the web-slingers?
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  1. Because someone had to do it, that’s why.

  2. crack on wheels… wow, i remember when i first saw this…. now i bet gov are all over it

  3. Are there any cupholders?

    Just kidding! Awesome machine; however please exercise more caution when it is out…it could really hurt someone or smash up cars. Still an awesome machine…stuff of dreams!

  4. This ain’t the “Spider-Mobile” This looks exactly like one of the “Spider Slayers” that was invented to take out our friendly neighbourhood hero! I know they’re not Spidy fans so I guess the name suits either way.

  5. this is the FUTURE GUSY TRANSFORMERS THE NEXT STEP IN HISTORY !!!!! the transformers -

  6. wicky-wicky-wicky-wild wild west XD

  7. Dude, next step; Arm this mudda fuckah :D


  9. Actually, the original design was made by a Swedish artist who constructs kinetic art – it’s on a recent BMW advert. The difference is that the Swede made it out of wood and you had to push it to move it, rather than constructing it out of metal, giving it a motor, and sticking someone inside it.

    Plus, it was much, much bigger. And these things cant turn well. =D

  10. good idea