Speed Art | Ancient by Mattyjay (Drone Entry)

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Speed Art | Ancient by Mattyjay (Drone Entry)

Hope you guys enjoyed the video please Like and Comment if you did. This is an steampunk inspired wallpaper that I have wanted to do for a long time. I am really sorry that it is going so fast but it was almost a 10 hour project. But yeah leave me some feedback and check out the Behance project aswell. ◆ Behance Project : www.behance.net ◆ Recording Time : 10 Hours 47 Minutes ◆ Final Image : mattyjaydesign.daportfolio.com ◆ Behance : www.behance.net ◆ Song : Nekropsychotik – Smoke —————————— // Follow Nekropsychotik youtube.com souncloud.com // Brought to you by SafeTRACKS www.Safe-TRACKS.com http ——————————
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  1. sick

  2. You have to make a video tutorial on illustrator !)

  3. I might do one next week since so many people seem to want one:)

  4. Im with you on that call man wish I could learn how to do this!

  5. You really need to do a tutorial on your colouring with all those zigzags. =)

  6. Thanks Jesper!

  7. nice!

  8. thanks:)

  9. génial :D

  10. great ilustration m8. love the detail, love the music selection. keep up the great work :D

  11. Thanks really appreciate it:)

  12. great work man :) love it

  13. where i’m from, “shitting the bed” is code for “holy jesus that’s insane”. :D