Silver and Black Nail Art

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40′s inspired nail art for the vamp Keep my videos free!!! Pease say “inspired by robin moses” when you copy!! copyrighted. It is all I will every ask and this helps me and inspires others to do the same for all other nail techs and art lovers!! xoxoxo FIND ME HERE! (found in the steampunk playlist) My Youtube: My Twitter: My Facebook: My Pinterest: My Instagram= robinmosesnailart My Tumblr: My Blog: My Most Asked Questions in Text: My Most Asked Questions in Video: Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. -Dr. Seuss

Watch in HQ for the details! Pocket watch sized card reader. Turn the dial to the correct symbols corresponding to your opponent’s psychological type and the device will calculate his most probable play. Made in 3ds max and combustion for a school assignment.
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  1. Always makes me laugh, it’s like an infomercial.. “But wait, there’s more!” And then, “Here’s this awesome thing we’re doing, we could stop right here and it’s awesome. But we’re going to keep going and make it even awesomer!”

  2. Nice and simple.

  3. watch the tips and tricks in my ‘favorite’ section and see how i cut the brush…..maybe you need to cut that magic hair i speak of…it really helps to do a quick end clip….watch how i do it in the tutorial and see if that helps…sometimes, those brushes are so hard, they dont work well…you need softer hairs…but, usually they are okay from ebay….i donno, iwould have to see it1!! good luck!!!

  4. ….Yes this a a big help thank you, I bought the set of 3 stripers that you see on ebay and stuff but can’t seem to have the good result that I see other people get. Would you say these brushes are not good or I just need to practice

  5. oops..i replied in the wrong box, but i wrote a huge thank you. i mean it. :)

  6. brandnails..if i wore nails, i would wear something strange like this..its different but neat…i liked it a lotttt :) xoxoxoxo thank you so much for the comments and watching, you are so awesome….*hugest hugs ever* i adore reading your responses and i am smiling the whole time…thank you for that.

  7. i really love this design..very wearable i cud see myself wearing this design it x

  8. lol..i love it too!!! i used it all day today….so many more tutorials coming out this !! i am busy?!?!? i cant help it…why not record them, right?

  9. !!! :) ::) i love this design…i know it isnt for everyone, but i just love it !!!

  10. perfect. that makes me so happy to hear. i hope that they bring you as much joy as they have brought to my clients over the years…please feel free to ask any questions you have and enjoy them and pass them to others who will love them :) xoxoxoox

  11. hi!! it is very thin black acrylic paint..i make sure i run the brush through the paint until i have a very gentle and even black line and then i begin on the nails..i run it through the paint before each nail so that it does not catch and blob..i hope this helps! if it blobs..add should be a very thin consistency …but not watery..

  12. thank you lemonie!!!

  13. love live helenita!!! remember: i have been painting for many years, it takes practice and dedication!!!!

  14. anna, it is stealing my messages here! thank you so much for watching and commenting :) i am so happy you like this!

  15. Very cute and funky! I have a silver foil polish like that and I love it!

  16. it’s a “playing” card reader. a true steampunk invention. it would be great if it was a real device.

  17. It would make an awesome screen saver!

  18. This would be totally awesome if it were real. ^.^ Very neat idea, though. And good work on the animation!

  19. this animation is supa nice i know

  20. lol dude It may be an animation? but it’s not JUST an animation, This is impresse mumpay! Keep up the good work!

  21. it’s just a 3d animation

  22. lol, I thought it’s real :D 

  23. Wow, REALLY cool! It looks like a scene from Final Fantasy or something!