Sickest Skull Nail Art w/ Red Roses & Amazing Snakes

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Sickest Skull Nail Art w/ Red Roses & Amazing Snakes

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  1. Peaceful evilness…I LOVE this. One of my favorites. So gorgeous!!!

  2. this is sick ! look really cool.very artistic !

  3. Love these! Great depth and shading, very artistic!

  4. OMG. This is the most AWESOMELY amazing nail design I’ve ever seen! You’re a true artist. I’ll just be excited to finally get my smile lines right!!! Thanks SO much for this! Now I can practice this…. :)

  5. thank you so much :D

  6. Absolutely awesome.

  7. thank you sara!

  8. This looks beautiful, the skulls are wonderfully done, the colours are perfect -3

  9. I love this design you did such a beautiful job id deff have to try this I net out would take me all day tho

  10. Your designs are INSANE! As a Cosmetology Trainee, I look forward to watching your videos and seeing what I never thought I could master. Thank you so much for all the inspiration you’ve given me by showing off your techniques. You are greatly appreciated!

  11. Do you do one stroke? I would love to see that if so :D

  12. I have an idea from a friend. I accecpt challenges. I have only been able to post 2 nails. I am learning the brushes before I try to go past my thumb nail. I always do 2 different desings with the same color. I am not trying to rush the brushes though. But I do manipulate them. I did the rose!!!!!! once. With my brand i have about 20 seconds to complete it once it starts. I would like to get your knowledge on this design. My facebook is Chalin Mccanny. Please send a message with it.

  13. thank you!!!!!

  14. this is the most perfect comment anyone could ask for. thank you. i hope and pray that one day i will have many viewers like you, that is my dream and goal. (many of my designs are on males) and i am very very happy i am an inspiration to you and you found my tutorial…i would love to see your me on my fanpage and spread the word to people as cool as you :) *Huge hug*

  15. you are very inspiring i am a male that does my own nails but was running out of ideas that were less hello kitty and more dead kitty. i will be following your work. you are truely a person in a profession that has stepped away from boring repeats of airbrushed templates. Challenge accepted. Epic Win for you.

  16. That is sooooo friggin’ awasome!! :D

  17. thank you very very much :D  *huggggg*

  18. thank you so much! sorry it took so long to respond!! *huge hug*

  19. *jaw drop * you are AWESOME! 

  20. words cannot describe how amazing these are!
    I truly thought they were foils or transfers!
    you have some astanouding skills!!!xx

  21. on my front page there is a link to top most asked questions and also watch my ‘favorites’ videos and it shows lots of how it do it! i cant explain it all here :) :) xoxoxoxoxxo i am happy you found me and are watching!!!! show everyone who loves art!!!

  22. thank you so much reshma!

  23. thnak you!!!!! tell everyone!!!

  24. do u use reg. fingernail paint?

  25. wow.. u r just fentastic artist ! ! :)