SGNL By Sony Goes Steampunk

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 18 comments

For more info and spec on the VAIO F Series Laptop: SGNL By Sony called in professional steampunk artist John Dunn of to give Sony’s VAIO F Series Laptop a complete steampunk makeover. Dunn created a custom design he calls the eCog Mercury™. The initial sketches took over two weeks just to design before a single gear attached or copper detail was soldered. The end result was a true work of art that actually works!
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  1. When do you guys think Sony Vaio F will get refreshed with a new model?

  2. I must have 1 now

  3. If Sherlock Holmes ever had a laptop back in the days it would be this one.

  4. I have never understood the steampunk art movement. I would like to see a laptop with a cyberpunk makeover.

  5. OMG it was my birthday when they showed this!!!!

  6. Sony is the best ;) 

  7. This is why I love SGNL: 0:07

  8. I’ve just uploaded a video of the steampunk clock / calendar in action, just to show how it works. If you like it I’ll add demos of the other steampunk widgets I have written.

  9. Wow this is not a gaming laptop or even close to a replacement for a gaming destop >.< with a video card of 512 mb to 1GB depending on your choice and no way to get it higher. This is an amateur gaming laptop . Good Attempt to join the PC gaming industry with Alienware and ASUS … … . . xD

  10. @Whitewizard2011 Unfortunately this laptop isn’t for sale but you can get the desktop clock and other steampunk widgets on Yahoo! Widgets. Just search by author for “Yereverluvinunclebert”, he’s the one who made them.

  11. er.. not?

  12. it is in the end… lol fail

  13. and how can i get it ?

  14. what is the name of clock gadgets

  15. This is hot. Literally!

  16. if only the design actually had functions :X

  17. Jealous.

  18. dear santa