Scrapbooking Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante Mini Album (BlueMoon DT Project).m4v

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*** SUPER EXCITED *** A MUST DO GRAPHIC 45 Mini Album!! GET these amazing goodies to make this mini at: and PLAY.. PLAY!! YOUR GOING TO LOVE IT!! Don’t worry about cutting up these gorgeous amazing prints! Just do it :) ta-hee.. SUPER FUN! VISIT MY BLOG FOR MORE EXCITING PICTS/DETAILS !! :) Hope everyone’s having a happy scrappy time!! With A Grin, Steff



  1. I’d LOVE to see your mini!! :) please send me picts!! thank you for super sweet comments!! :) made my day!

  2. Steffogal1 – You are just amazing!! I have watched this video at LEAST 50 times for inspiration. I did pick up the G45 policy envelope ( I LOVE EVERYTHING THEY DO) and started a mini album using the Curiosities collection that came out about a month or so ago. I would love to send some pics to show you!! So excited!! I made a mini ect – I can fit so many photos in it! Keep up the GREAT work!! I love your inspiration!!

  3. I love graphic 45. In fact , so much that I’m doing a lil giveaway on my blog right now ! Just Google ” intoxicating arts ” it’ll be one of the first listings. Hope to see you there !!

  4. Prima….I don’t think its available anymore :(

  5. where is that ribbon???

  6. Bello,Beautiful !!! :0) TFS where can i get this kit?????

  7. This was a kit, I would like kits like that!!!!

  8. Beautiful album! TFS

  9. u are awsome and very tallented!

  10. Love it!!!

  11. Gosh I just Love, Love, Love your work!!! I was reviewing my saved video folder when I found this. What a cool mini If you ever want to swap minis some time please let me know. I’m not sure how to get in a swap group. I do have a blog though it called Thanks Michele

  12. thanks!! you just made my day!! super sweetness –YOU are !! thanks!

  13. I love this album … as always you are amazing!!!You did all your videos with so much passion that I couldn’t stop watch them!When I need inspiration I just watch your videos,when I feel tired I watch your videos,when I didn’t have what to do again watch your videos!!! Whish you endless inspirations and countless faithfull friends to watch your videos!!!

  14. thank you thank you thank you!! :) your too super sweet!! you really made my day! thank you :)

  15. Holy Smokes!! I have watched this video so many times I have lost count! I love all your vids but this is my favorite, probably because this mini is my favorite! I have seen lots and lots of Steampunk minis but yours is the absolute best-est out there!! I love how you put everything together. I think you have a great creative instinct. Hugs, Di.

  16. OMG i completely fell in love with this mini album! do you have a list of everything you used?? I would love to try and make this! I know some things I couldn’t find when i looked for them. i just love the whole steampunk! ^-^ you did such an amazing job!

  17. personally I love the length of your vids . l cant get enough of these papers. its a sickness I tell you. lol I am buying up the collections slowlt , as I am new to this craft I had to buy a few tools as well. hehehe. tfs

  18. TA-HEE!!! Super sweet YOU ARE!! :) Thanks for great comments!! :) enjoy scrapping!! great idea.. get out your scrappy happiness goodies and get going!! :) yayya!!

  19. Oh my goodness! You are ADORABLE!  LOL Got out my scrapbooking supplies today and looked up Steampunk Scrapbooking and found you instantly :) I’ve been sitting here and oohing and ahhing right along with you over your book! What an amazing project and I can’t wait to watch more of your videos! You make me feel like I’m sitting in a scraproom with friends! :) HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!