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Article by Laura Watson

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With the S.D.L. clothing range be known as a Steampunk brand it is one that caters to the needs of people who enjoy wearing more alternative styles rather than the obvious trends. The alternative fashion industry is full of brands that create styles for people who like diverse looks but this brand differs as they take styles from eras that completely differ to today’s style. They focus predominantly on designing gothic clothing that you can alternate during occasions, ensuring that their customers are satisfied knowing they have an alternative style for every event. The majority of their designs are inspired by different ages in the past, this also includes the Victorian image, which most of their designs are familiarised with. This image falls under the category of Steampunk, which in turn gives their clothes an image that differs from most that are created today, ensuring that they bring a funky edge to the fashion industry. The S.D.L. clothing sold has more of an effect on the alternative, rock, punk, gothic and cyber individuals. They sell everything from:

Men’s and Women’s Tops Shirts Kilts Skirts Trousers Coats Jackets Waistcoats Bodices

Many of the designs from S.D.L. have been styled to be similar to the classic military look, which is why the majority of their jackets fashion lines and buttons across the chest. They make their gothic clothing from some of the strongest and most comfortable material available, to ensure that each customer can rely on their Steampunk apparel to keep them comfy whilst bringing an alternative edge to their look. Most of their apparel is designed with dark colours and shade including black and brown, which is why they are so popular in the gothic scene. Due to the old fashioned theme that S.D.L. clothing falls under they produce a lot of designs that are instantly linked to styles that were worn centuries ago.

The S.D.L. clothing is designed to bring that shock factor to style, which is why most of their apparel is designed with trends you won’t have seen before. Featuring looks that alter from well-known trends, this brand have an unusual style that people on the goth and punk scene live to wear. Some of their apparel that has certainly had an effect on the fashion industry includes body armour, trench coats and Steampunk spyglass jackets. Also their range of dresses and skirts are designed to show off just how original you can be with your style and that not everyone needs to conform to more publicized fashion trends. It is their idea of fashion that has made S.D.L. clothing so popular.

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The S.D.L clothing range is full of Steampunk and Victorian styled apparel that is perfect for individuals who love fashioning alternative trends.

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Laura Watson

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