Rub Some Bacon on It

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Rub Some Bacon on It

Song on iTunes: Get the Rub Some Bacon On It T-Shirt – See if you can find ALL the hidden annotations. We have a daily talk show on our 2nd channel called GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING. Check it out: CREDITS Written, Performed, Directed, & Edited by Rhett & Link Robot Building and production assistance: Jason Inman Beach shots and park cameo by Chris Crutchfield ( Beach Robot played by Nick Bishop Mr. Timn played by Julian Smith ( Steampunk played by Andrew from League of Steam ( Special thanks to Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time. FAN us on FACEBOOK! ‬ FOLLOW us on TWITTER! ‪ LYRICS: 911 what’s your emergency? I nailed my finger to a birdhouse accidentally Do you have some bacon (bacon?) Bacon, That’s right I have bacon left over from dinner last night Rub some bacon on it what? On your hand just do it Rub some bacon on it That’s all there is to it? What if I drop my phone? Rub some bacon on it or encounter my clone? Rub some bacon on it I get mononucleosis Rub some bacon on it My nude pics get posted Rub some bacon on it Rub some bacon on it Rub some bacon on it Yeah My home gets foreclosed Rub some bacon on it My cat explodes Rub some bacon on it I wake up in a trunk Rub some bacon on it My friend goes steampunk Rub some bacon on it I meet real pirates Rub some bacon on it There’s an akward silence I say something unintentionally racist Rub some bacon on it I’m an adult with
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  1. lololololololololoolololololoololololol

  2. its awesome

  3. I cut my leg and i rubed some bacon on it and now its infected and now im the retarded kid in my class :/

  4. okay i will after school

  5. more rap

  6. What milkman? like from some weird movie or just a generic milkman name?

  7. one of Julian Smith’s characters. look him up, he is SUPER FUNNY!

  8. the milkman

  9. WHO THE HELL IS MR. TIMN???????

  10. I rubbed some bacon on it, rub some bacon on it.

  11. I just got the reddit reference! You’re even more awesome than I thought you were XD

  12. So the narwhal DOES bacon at midnight!


  14. expoosive foods are very tasty


  16. I JUST GOT THEIR THEIR REFERENCE! :D The narwhal bacons at midnight